Super Crash 64
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Super Crash 64 is a major rom hack which will feature:

> Over 120 stars in total
> New areas
> New story
> New graphics
> New music tunes and sounds
> New character
> New gameplay and difficulty
> New boss fights
> Some crashing to do and more!


Crash found himself in the Mushroom Kingdom after being warped through a portal, whereas Bowser still attempts to take over the kingdom by stealing the powerful time-warping Red Stars. Not so long he did it, the kingdom went back to the past as before and the Red Stars are lost forever, meaning that the world is doomed forever as being locked into a time paradox.

Follow Crash to his new quest as he warps throughout worlds to collect all Red Stars to return the kingdom back to the present!

The rom hack is currently in development, and will be updated from time to time. Feel free to give feedback and look around the thread for more stuff incoming!


Course 1: Bob-omb Hills Redesign in progress

Course 2: Goomba Town Redesign in progress

Course 3: Cheepchum's Cove Done yet need to be redesigned

Course 4: Skyward Square

Course 5: Mazemind Grotto (Temple Quest level remake)

Course 6: Treetropic Forest

Course 7: Boonster's Tower Done!

Course 8: Sandfrost Valley Done yet need to be redesigned

Course 9: Seaside Beach (Warp Zone DX level remake)

Course 10: Foo'fungus Mountain

Course 11: Lavakoopa Temple (Temple Quest level remake) Model in progress

Course 12: Chocowhomp's Fortress (Whomp's Fortress 2?)

Course 13: Clockwork Capsule (Tick-Tock Clock 2?)

Course 14: Nostalgic Wonder

Course 15: Rainbow Star Realm

HUB 1 : Mushroom Kingdom

HUB 2 : Mushroom Castle

HUB 3 : Bowser Barrier

Bowser Stage 1: Bowser's Airship Fortress Redesign in progress

Bowser Stage 2: Burnblast Castle (Temple Quest level remake) Model done!

Bowser Stage 3: Reboot Runmix

Bonus Stage 1: Crash Canyon Slide Done yet need to be redesigned

Bonus Stage 2: Sandfrost Pyramid Done!

Bonus Stage 3: Greenburg Roadway Model done!

Wing Cap Stage: Riddle Star Tower (It's A Crash level remake) Done!

Metal Cap Stage: Iron'ferno Falls Done!

Vanish Cap Stage: Deep Dark Basement Done!
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It sounds nice your work.
Have you nay release date?

Super Crash 64
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