Super Mario 66 [Pre-Beta Release]
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Yes, i know, i made once a thread about this Hack, but the thing now is i want to Recreate my thread, and make the Alpha version BETTER. For the Mods: If you have any problems with this thread, please tell me why.

I present my FIRST Rom hack...

[Image: SbM5Myu.png]

Now, i know what you want to ask. What does this hack Includes?
  • About more than (as i want to expect) 100 Stars! (9-11 Stars yet.)
  • Levels by Me, Others, and even maybe, YOU!
  • Custom Objects
  • A new POWERFUL costume for Mario (Cyan/Black instead Red/Blue)
  • Strange... Blue Stuff...
  • And Much more!

> It might be, that the counts of Stars increases... Maybe even more than 150 Stars? Who knows... o-o

> Also, as you just read, there are Levels by Others! So, what does it means? Exactly, YOU CAN BUILD YOUR OWN LEVEL IN MY ROM HACK! (And maybe get money if you want x)   ) Otherwise called, this is not a Rom hack i only make, this is a Community Project! DM me on discord (Jecket#2025), and you will get a place for your level!

> There are a lot of Blue Stuff... What exactly happend and why the stuff are blue...
Will you see Later...

If you want to see a small list of FAQ, Click here.

Spoiler: Here are some quick previews about my In-dev version:
[Image: 9eBmxzg.png]
[Image: skWykAq.png]
[Image: J1OiJ5G.gif]
[Image: e3zzqzF.gif]

Spoiler: Downloads (UPDATED)
SM66 Alpha [DIRECT]
Hint: Please do not share the direct link. The Shrinked URL's Support me so much for this Rom Hack.
Update in Pre beta: Some dialog changes.
WARNING: The Pre-Beta includes a encrypted file, and can only open with a Password. The Password is "Toxic". Please ignore the password thing in the Readme. Thanks

Also, you will require WINRAR or 7Zip to unpack my Hack.

Video to my Rom Hack Preview:

Anyways, have fun playing in my Rom hack!
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Quote:I never said "here is my rom pls fix"

Just Updated and Uploaded my pre-beta Rom hack... Enjoy Smile
V2 Don't including a password anymore!
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Super Mario 66 [Pre-Beta Release]
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