Star Rod Help?
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I, like most people here, am deeply interested in star rod, I've messed around with it, however I still have no idea how to do the thing I am interested in, and that is editing battles.
I want to know how to edit enemy layouts, add new enemies to the layouts, create new enemies, edit pre-existing enemies, make battle events (such as Jr. Troopa calling backup, Lee clowning himself...) and everything the battle editing has to offer.
I also want to learn how to edit NPC text. I know how to work in Mario Mache, but with Star Rod you can do SOOOOOOOOO much more.
I've contacted Clover a couple of times, however without any luck, he hasn't replied, but I don't blame him, since probably a lot of people are emailing him like I am.

So can anyone tell me how to do all (or some) of the things I want to do with Star Rod?
All help is greatly appreciated.

Does no one know how to do this stuff XD? Because there are 63 views as of now, and no replies.

I'm so lonely...

here's a chat room that might help

Star Rod Help?
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