Mario Kart DS: GameCube Grand Prix
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Mario Kart DS: GameCube Grand Prix, or GCGP for short is basically a port of MKDD using MKDS as a base,
now you might be wondering "Wasn't someone else making this before?", and you'd be right,
but that version was made by MKDS3, a.k.a Gericom, and his version will never be finished as far as I know.
So, I decided to make my own version, and remaking most things.
Every Kart, and Track is being simplified to work on real DS Hardware to bring you the best possible experiance.
This hack aims the capture the art style, and look, and sound of MKDD, it will also contain 16 Extra entierly new Extra Tracks,
based on the style of the course design in MKDD.

I have been hard at work since 2014 so far, porting every MKDD track, and making it work on DS Hardware.
GCGP's main ROM started being worked on only earlier this year, and since then, I've had some help making it.
When you talk about who makes GCGP, it's not only me, it's many people.
The main GCGP Team is:
Myself = Director, founder, modeler, designer, sound design, ect.
Zacky = modeler, Kart designer.
Louisinsky = Graphic Designer, Mission Mode Designer, Course Designer.
Ambiance69 = Main Sound Designer.

Special Thanks:
MKGirlism for a few of the preview videos, and such.
Ermelber for ASM Hacks, technical support, help with Peach Beach, and Rainbow Road ect.
Gericom for ASM Hacks, technical support, ect.
Yoshimaster for a number of is MKDD midis.
xXChainChomp01 for a few music hacks.
Yawshi for a few Battle Courses, help with Peach Beach.
EKDS Team in general, for allowing me to use some of their assets.
Davidgen/UltimateARHacker for helping with a few graphics, and his work on GCN Mario Circuit
Cyber for Title Screen Design.
SuperML for Logo Design.
SuperStarXAlien for Logo Design.

Disclaimer: Anyone who claims to have a version of GCGP is lying, unless they are listed in the main GCGP Team,
they do NOT have a GCGP ROM, and are lying/stealing assets.


Q: When will it be released?
A: When it's done.

Q: Can I have it now?
A: No.

Q: Can I beta test?
A: No.

Q: Can I help?
A: Contact me through PM, and we'll see.

Here's a little preview image:
[Image: gbatemp.png]

Here's an example of some of the in game music:

Here's a few videos of some of the courses:
(Please Note that these videos have been made during various different development phases).

This is amazing! But your videos are being taken down, you should consider google photos. Anyway good work! Can't wait for the release.
Got Akira Himegawa's 10 Zelda Manga's for christmas, I can die happy now.

I unprivated them now.
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Mario Kart DS: GameCube Grand Prix
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