Super Smash Bros. 3D (R1 Released!)
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My first total-conversion mod for SM64, controls are the same as Smash Bros. N64 aside from a few moves which are still missing.
By version 2, SSB3D will no longer be recognizable as SM64.


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Making a kaillera server just because of this lol

I just noticed that now for long jumps and backflips, you have to crouch but the last second before the jump you have to let go of Z. Weird tbh.
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Why you looking at this? Trouble

This demo is very well built and i am excited to see what's to come. I would love to see a trickster skull kid

The soundtrack is officially here! Check it out!
[Image: artworks-000248153295-vltot7-t500x500.jpg]

Very interesting game, but I dont have somebody to play it. An AI would be very nice^^. And I... "discovered" something: If you jump on the Fence ontop of Hyrule Castle, Mario freezes Mid-Air. (Sry for the bad english Smile )

There needs to be a cap placed on the % meter, because within those five minutes I managed to get my friends' percent to about 300% and he went launching. I tested in single player and got it up to 1000% and it pushed Luigi flying at crazy speeds, to where he passed through all collision and barriers and killed him. There also seems to be no code for when you die, likely overwritten by one of your custom functions, so the emulator crashed after this happened.

Super Smash Bros. 3D (R1 Released!)
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