Super Mario Earth's Invasion/Odyssey?
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I'm working on a new project for two days, 'Super Mario Earth's Invasion'.
Levels take place in various parts of Earth (with the mix of fantastic elements). we go!

-- Mushroom Kingdom


1)New York: King Bob-ombs'Town(city) (Boss: King Bob-omb)
2)Rome: Pope 'King Whomp' (old city) (Boss: Whomp King)
3)Carribean: Bubba's Islands (water) (No Bosses)
4)Mount Everest: Mother Penguin's slide (snow)(No Bosses)
5)The Island of the Doll's: King Boo's Chalet (wood/ghost) (Bosses: King Boo/Mr.I)
6)The Catacombs Of Paris: Between Bones and 'Scuttlebugs' (cave/ghost) (No Bosses)
7)Mauna Loa: The King Of Fire 'Big Bully' (fire) (Boss: Big Bully)
8)Sahara: Eyerok Enigma (sand) (Boss: Eyerok)
9)Niagara Falls: Let's crush all 'skeeters' (water)
10)Antarctica: Ice Village Of 'Chill Bully' (snow/ice) (Boss: Chill Bully)
11)The Amazon Rainforest: Den's Wiggler (forest/swamp) (Boss: Wiggler)
12)Cernobyl Nuclear Power Plant: Bob-ombs' Reactivation and the danger of 'Bill Blasters' (factory) (No Bosses)
13)It will be a sky/cloud level (but I have to think more about)
14/15 Space Levels

Caps and Secret Levels will take place in 'New 7 Wonders of the World':

-Great Wall Of China (temple) (China)
-Petra (desert/temple) (Jordan)
-The Colosseum (temple/arena) (Italy)
-Chichen Itza (temple/cave) (Mexico)
-Machu Pichu (old city/temple) (Peru)
-Taj Mahal (mausoleum) (India)
-Christ The Redeemer (Mount/other) (Brazil)

1° Bowser Stage: In The Inner Core
2° Bowser Stage: Big Battle Between Quicksands
3° Bowser Stage: Bowser Fortress In The Space


I'd like to create an hack with 130 stars (minimum 120; max 150), with good quality and beautiful level.

However alone I can't do a huge project, also not in a short time, especially because University and other things steal my time.

So I'd like to ask someone for some help if you can do/want.

Help for:

-Texture (choosing high quality textures)
-UV Mapping (someone who is good at using blender and UV Mapping)
-Modelling (someone who helps me into creating some more difficult structures)
-Custom Imports
-Asm Hacking
-other help (custom paths,level importer etc.)

If someone wants to help for this project tell me here, also I'll create a Discord Group.

Thanks Wink

Here's some screenshot of Desert Level:

I've made these in a really short time, so I can change that.

I love that sunset desert, very unique theme.
Gone for a while.

That Desert level looks really good! Sadly, all I could do to help is think of the level's name...
Good Luck!
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It looks okay, you can certainly improve it by making it less flat.
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Thanks a lot, guys. Smile

Super Mario Earth's Invasion/Odyssey?
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