Star Rod for TTYD?
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So with the release of TTYD+ I was wondering if any modding tools have been released for TTYD? With its dynamic engine I think it has a lot more potential than the first Paper Mario for unique mods.

Right off the bat, there could be more partners added:

Chain Chomp- In the field they can activate switches from a distance, pull objects towards you or pull you towards objects. In combat he would be a bruiser focusing on single enemy attacks. Personality is hyper and extroverted and gets ahead of himself.

Podoboo- In the field she can set things on fire (torches, grass, etc). In battle she would inflict burn and be able to attack several enemies. Personality would be overconfident and cocky, yet endearing.

Hammer Bro- In the field he would be able to break metal boxes. In battle he can use hammer, ice, fire or boomerang with different effects and can hit multiple enemies. His personality would be childish but loyal

(These are just some ideas of things that could be expanded on and modified)

Of course, the biggest thing I'd want to do is make a mod based on Luigi's adventures. It would be based entirely off of the in game 'books' and the what he tells Mario.

Is there any progress on some sort of modding tool?

some tools are being worked on but they are likely a long time away

I had a feeling. Well I guess I'll have to wait. Thanks for letting me know!

Are we any closer to custom partners for the first Paper Mario?

Star Rod for TTYD?
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