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Q; Why does it say my ROM is invalid?

A; You need a USA SM64 ROM.

Q; Where do I get a USA ROM?
A; By searching this key word on Google "Super Mario 64 (U) [!]".

Q; My ROM won't open in TT64!
A; Open a regularly extended ROM and go into preferences, and enable "Skip ROM Checksum".

Q; When I try to run my ROM I get a CIC chip error.
A; Just ignore it, the importer disables the checksum check for convenience reasons. Click on "Restore CRC and Checksum" in the "ROM Settings" tab once you want to release your hack to remove these messages.

Q; I get an error saying "In a permanent loop that cannot be exited" when trying to run my ROM.
A; You modified the checksum with CRC check being restored. You will have to fix the checksum in the "ROM Settings" tab at "Restore CRC and Checksum".

Q; Why does Mario die when I start my level?
A; Open your level in Toad's Tool 64 and move the object called "Warp Mario's Start" to where your level is. Or set "Mario initial Position", if it is the level Mario spawns in at the begin of the game.

Q; I get a black screen!
A; A result of an error in configuring the warps.

Q; I get a white screen I try to enter my level!
A; That happens as a result of changing the warp into something else or too much polygons seen on sight.

Q; Why are there invisible walls everywhere?
A; Either a product of not enabled death floor in the importer or weirdly angled polygons.

Q; I imported a level into Peach's Castle Grounds and moved the warp but Mario still spawns at an unusual place.
A; Warps at Peach's Castle is hardcoded, now open your ROM in TT64, at the bottom of the screen, you see some parameters like;
X 1000 Y -1000 Z 100, now open that same ROM in the OBJ importer, go to the "Level Settings", you shall see a check box called "Initial Position", check it and copy those parameters into their expected places.

Q; What is a .M64 file?
A; It's the Sequence file format SM64 uses or in general N64.

Q; Why does a part of my custom music sound weird?
A; Transpose the channel/track that sounds weird.

Q; Why doesn't the tempo of my track go above 255?
A; The tempo is one byte; the maximum value is 255 (0xFF).

Q; There was no Drum in the instrument list of NINST37 but it is heared in the original.
A; It's a percussion, the channel you want to have a drum change it to a "General Percussion".

Q; Where do I get a wavefront OBJ?
A; With google sketchup or blender, OBJ is a 3D model type.

Q; How do I replace textures in the game?
A; By using N64 Rip and TT64, N64 rip is more convenient, you can get the addresses from TT64, make sure you are in Hexa-decimal mode.

Q; Why are my textures stretched?
A; A texture can't repeat more than 32 times, subdivide that face with a line.

Q; How do I change the textures on Mario's cloth?
A; Mario's clothes was colored, they didn't use an actual texture.

Q; I imported an Untextured model into Mario 64 and it's not white like in the 3D modeller, there are Random Textures applied.
A; Those are known as "Place Holder" textures, you should apply textures to it, it can't just be null.

Q; Why are my textures not showing up and are just replaced with random ones?
A; Resized BitMap Images(BMP) tend not to show up.

Q; How do I replace the Title Screen?
A; Make your model, export it to obj, load it in the OBJ importer 1.9s, open the "Custom Importer", look for the title screen and select "Import Model".

Q; Why are some faces in my level invisible?
A; Only white faces show up, reverse all purple faces.

Q; Why does Mario fall right through walls?
A; Don't export back and front faces.

Q; What is the maximum polygon count for SM64?
A; about 20.000 polygons, this value tends to fluctuate depending on how many textures you used and how many of these polygons are solid though.

Q; Why does my level appear weird with some missing faces?
A; Your model needs to be triangulated and edges need to be exported as they are literally the building blocks of all 3D models.

Q; When I try to replace to an Object in the custom importer or import a title screen I get a "Maximum Model Size Exceeded" Error.
A; You might have to chop down some polygons and reduce the amount of textures used.

Q; Why do my textures look blurry?
A; Any textures with a height/Width more than 64x32 and 32x64 will get resized to fit with the N64 Texture Cache Size, resize them by yourself and sharpen them.

Q; Why do my textures always appear stretched after being subdivided?
A; Textures need to be resized to SM64 Resolution which would be 32x32, 64x32 and 32x64 and so on, they must be rectangles or squares. Textures with resolutions of Something like 32x31 or 24x32 will get the calculations wrong when Texture maps are being converted into F3D Microcode.

Q; Why are my textures upside down?
A; Try checking "Vertically Flip Textures".

Q; How do I make the empty part of a texture transparent, It's either Black/White?
Add an Alpha channel to your texture so it supports transparency then erase the black/white side and save it as a PNG.

Q; I'm trying to make a fence but when I look to the other side it is invisible!
A; The back face doesn't get exported. Push/pull it to the thinnest simple.

Q; Why does Mario keep going through everything?
A; Delete any unused faces at that area.

Q; My music cracks at some point when it's playing.
A; That is because there are too many notes that have to be played, your best solution would be to delete some channels.

Q; Why does all the objects position in my level reset when I re-import?
A; You have to uncheck the centered option in the obj importer.

Q; Why does Mario have backfaces?
A; Re-import your model with obj importer 1.9.3

Q; Why does my shading looks weird when I export my Level with blender?
A; You need to check in the export settings of Blender "export normals"

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For people who can't type "Super Mario 64 (U) [!]" into Google, here is a lmgtfy link:
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Anyone who can't do that probably can't hack, between, added "lmgtfy", almost thought it was a ROM link.
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Q. How do I get the Luigi model in TT64?
A. Go to the texture tab. Look for the "L is real texture". Then in Mario's size, type in "l is real". Then hit enter.
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I recently found a bug in the original game code, the bob-ombs explosion destroys doors collision. Throw a bob-omb to a door and try to open the door. Is there any way to fix this?
[Image: Mastery_sketchup.png] [Image: Mastery_paintdotnet.png]

Okay, there seem to be a couple of oddities while play-testing my level imported with 1.9.2S. The camera will zoom in too closely therefore causing some of Mario's polygons to disappear.

I tried testing on different roms and emulators which don't have any tweaks or patches in them; I have troubleshooted from every possible angle. Roms tested with levels imported before the latest version of the Importer are fine, so either I'm going insane, or there's some kind of bug involving how 1.9.2S patches the game. Someone please try playtesting these scenarios so that I'm not the only one (course 1 star 5 camera, and Wiggler dialogue camera)
[Image: TseeoEf.png][Image: JnPHDbG.png]
I had to manually change Mario's 'grab star' animation to work around one of these problems
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I think I've seen you mention this problem before - it's most likely an issue with your emulator graphics. If anyone else can confirm they're having similar problems, i'll look into it.

I'm having that problem too, and there is some problems with the fog selection in the importer, the "very intense fog" in importer 1.9.2 is like "subtle-fog" in importer 1.9.1. And all that since I imported a level with 1.9.2
[Image: Mastery_sketchup.png] [Image: Mastery_paintdotnet.png]

I think I know what the problem is, I'll make a quick fix in version 1.9.3.

Just applied kaze's more objects patches, and the noteblock happens to use the same behavior that the star coin in my rom uses, basically breaking them both. How would I be able to get them both working without breaking any of the other more objects or anything else?
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