King Boo's Seven Towers
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I'm happy to announce my first SM64 hack to ever be released:
​King Boo's Seven Towers!

It's a mini hack, comporting seven levels:
Each one is a tower which makes use of one of SM64's mechanics.
The goal is to conquer six towers and defeat King Boo in the seventh one.

​Here's a trailer!

And here are some screenshots:
Spoiler :
[Image: cmsZfug.png]
[Image: 9XZ9u3e.png]
[Image: a5aGpdA.png]
[Image: RwPqiLH.png]
[Image: d8LL2KK.png]
[Image: 7HVU9ry.png]
[Image: Dq8i7zL.png]
[Image: ciFNuLr.png]

It's near completion but I still have some things to change:
  • ​Fix the title screen (goddamn kaze's importer)
  • ​Set music in some areas
  • ​Fix glitchy models
  • ​I also need an ASM Patch but I can't code
  • ​Translate the game to French (and maybe other languages?)

If anyone volunteers to help, please send me a discord message!

Hope you'll enjoy!
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Looks awesome!
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Also heres my Youtube.. I started a Tutorial series on how to make super sexy custom Levels.

That looks like some hot stuff.

This looks amazing! Can't wait to play this when it comes out.

Same. Excellent work!
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Looks good, good looking

i want this ... now! nah take your time ... would like to help with this ... as in languages not development since i suck at hacking games (maybe arabic?)...

King Boo's Seven Towers
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