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Hey everyone this is a thread to present you my hack project : Super Mario Lost Worlds  Chirpy

[Image: n9YLoot.png]

This is a normal hack with 120 collectable stars, 15 unique levels, new cap and secret levels, and a brand new original story that takes place after the events of Super Mario 64.
No major ASM code modification in this hack because i'm a lazy man

[Image: fKK6Ces.png]

The hack isn't quite finished (around 40% completion for now) but I work on it when I have time, and I will often post screenshots of the progress Smile

Heres more informations about the hack :


1) Pirate Guys Beach

[Image: xG1d9mH.png]

2) Whomp Mountains

[Image: B5IUscv.png]

3) Red Forest

[Image: dBrkEyD.png]

4) Ancient Peaks

[Image: v1wWfmj.png]

6) Nightmarish Cave

[Image: zrvWLx2.png]

7) Bully fortress

[Image: 65BL69l.png]

8) Forgotten Valley

[Image: J775BmN.png]

I'll stop spoiling here, the rest will come soon! Wink
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Gotta admit, it doesn't look bad at all. The modelling is a little Sketchup-y though.

I like that title screen, it looks like a mix between NES and N64, it's great to see more upcoming sm64 hacks and this one looks pretty good, very unique level themes. Keep it up.

Things that could be improved;
1. The texture choices.
2. The UV, the less the cut off, the better your level will look.
3. Topology, You shouldn't draw directly on faces because that will yield a higher polygon count but it doesn't matter all that much.
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Yes the topology bothers me a bit sometimes
[Image: h6xHl1R.png]

thanks for the feedbacks dudes, i take note of the advises Wink

I got some news for you guys Big Grin

Well, - I started to work seriously on the hub (inside castle if you want)
- The level 8 will be totally rework but keep the same name and theme
- The third one will also change (textures) and be finish soon
- The first once is almost finish
- And the 2nd bowser will not be a bowser ^^

Some screenshot :

[Image: xKOFWJW.png]

[Image: exC3LMg.png]

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I like the ideas and modeling you put in these levels, but I am not a fan of the stretched texture produced by the projected mapping. I'd suggest you use any kind of proper UV mapping tool/program, like that sketchup uv mapping plugin I've heard of. I personally would recommend blender for this task.
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That underground/ship level does look really good, very neat idea. But the UV map level could be improved.
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Hi everyone Big Grin some news :

- The level 8 (forgotten valley) has been reworked, the new screenshot can be see in the main post Wink
- I actually work on the second boss (second key) his level's theme was choosen (finally ^^).
- Wing cap level is almost finish (~ 90%).
- I will totally rework the level 6 geometry (nightmarish cave) cause the actually version is a sort of test.
- and improvement of some features (texture, model, ect...)

Bye Big Grin

Hi there !

Some improvements for levels and the title screen :

Title Screen :
[Image: nyx1hqt.png]

Level 2 : Whomp Mountains
[Image: rhKXYER.png]

Level 3 : Red Forest
[Image: szwBoZA.png]

Level 4 : Ancient Peaks
[Image: v1wWfmj.png]

See Ya  Chirpy
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