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  I've been here for a few months and still have yet to introduce myself. How you doing? I'm a strip of Bacon and I love to hack Super Mario 64. People say I make a pathetic superhero but I think I'm great. I've never actually saved the day, but maybe someday I will.

  Want a real introduction? OK. Hey! My name is *****. I'm 12 and I love to make custom levels for video games. My SM64 hack can be found here, and maybe you could take a look-see at it's content? I try to put polish into my models and textures, so you may like it. I hope someday I could be recognized as one of the greats, but I've got a long way to go, especially with the hacking fandom we have. So I hope you enjoy my work!
If you like well-modeled and fun to play content, check out my current Super Mario 64 hack, Superstar Plumber!
It's Greeny approved!

Was just referred here by RobiNERD in my Discord chat. Hello, Origami64 users!

Though I'm probably not going to make any projects (I'm not a very creative person), I enjoy playing video games and using computers, and will hopefully become a good part of this community. Hope I enjoy my stay Smile

¡Hi! I'm new to this hacking stuff and it's awesome. I came hoping to find a community that guides me through this interesting universe.

Hello i'm MoonlightCapital, i found this board trough Maorninja but i'm not a rom hacker anymore, so i'll mostly lurk in there -.-

Hello... i'm Shadow Mario, i'm sort of shy...
I'm new at hacking SM64, but i'm really liking it... yeah, that's it.

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