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  I've been here for a few months and still have yet to introduce myself. How you doing? I'm a strip of Bacon and I love to hack Super Mario 64. People say I make a pathetic superhero but I think I'm great. I've never actually saved the day, but maybe someday I will.

  Want a real introduction? OK. Hey! My name is *****. I'm 12 and I love to make custom levels for video games. My SM64 hack can be found here, and maybe you could take a look-see at it's content? I try to put polish into my models and textures, so you may like it. I hope someday I could be recognized as one of the greats, but I've got a long way to go, especially with the hacking fandom we have. So I hope you enjoy my work!

Was just referred here by RobiNERD in my Discord chat. Hello, Origami64 users!

Though I'm probably not going to make any projects (I'm not a very creative person), I enjoy playing video games and using computers, and will hopefully become a good part of this community. Hope I enjoy my stay Smile

¡Hi! I'm new to this hacking stuff and it's awesome. I came hoping to find a community that guides me through this interesting universe.

Hello i'm MoonlightCapital, i found this board trough Maorninja but i'm not a rom hacker anymore, so i'll mostly lurk in there -.-

Hello... i'm Shadow Mario, i'm sort of shy...
I'm new at hacking SM64, but i'm really liking it... yeah, that's it.

Hi! I have actually been on here for a while, but only just now found this thread. Tongue  I am J_128 or (if you go by my GitHub name) J-128.  I like computers, and can program in a few different programming languages, namely Python 3, FreeBASIC, QBASIC, BASIC, and TI-Basic. I don't program in C, C-- (as I call it), or C#, but I could probably read through a program written in those languages an figure out what it's supposed to do.  

You can find me on SMWCentral too. I am a fan of Mario games, especially SM64, and I like playing SM64 ROMhacks.

I run a dual-boot system with WinXP SP3 and Linux Sabayon.

As for my personality, I am a very friendly person (most of the time Wink) so feel free to send me a PM for whatever reason.  I am always glad to share my SM64 hacking knowledge with people, so if you need help, just let me know! If I can help you, I gladly will.

God bless!
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I saw now that this is the main introductions so, hello i am new here, and i first came to the forum looking for paper mario hacking tools.

Hi. I don't talk much. I joined because I love Paper Mario Pro Mode...that's it!

hi, i started a romhack of mario 64, i come here to share ressources and see what's going on. from france

03: Mario Surprise 
Hello everyone! I've recently been starting to gain a passion for SM64 Romhacking! I think if everything goes according to plan, you all (hopefully) might be able to experience some ROM hacks I make in the future! But for now, I guess you'll just have to wait and see...  Cool

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