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Why hello there, ergazoobi. It was about time you joined, welcome to Origami64 :-)
Gone for a while.

Why don't you like the blue hedgehog? Did he do something to you? Or did his fans do something to you? Just curious.

Hello, it's a me, Yoshimaster96!

Hai, I'm SunakazeKun from Germany. I hack the SMG games and Blast Corps. Smile

im gonna hack sm64 and present it to all you guys
also i love penguin of madegascar.

Did not realize about the existance of this thread... Silly me!
Hi, I'm RobiNERD, my name is Robin and I like hacking. My favourite console is the N64 and my favourite all time is Paper Mario 64. I kinda like HTML and C++ (And PHP, JS, C#, C, ASM, etc.), I love exploring old Windows versions, (this post is written from IE 5 and Windows 3.1) and of course I'm italian, so Ciao ragazzi sono Robin amo i computer e i videogiochi... yeah, why not. And I'm (kinda) friendly, if you PM me I will awnser you... I mean c'mon gus who does'nt!

(Yup, Windows NT citation Smile)

EDIT: forgot to talk about 3d moddeling. My favourite tool is Blender.
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Lorem Ipsum.

Name's Toonjoey, I like hacking. Alot. No seriously, I have 10,000 other projects (A revival of Toontowns Beta, my OWN version of Toontown, alot really...).

I like Python because that's how Toontown was made. It's really easy to know when you look at the code a bunch of times.

I'm a huge fan of the game Toontown, which fans brought back in the form of Toontown my favorite console is PC I guess?

I'm a good friend, PM me I'll answer...etc., etc..
Who you callin pinhead

I am the SM64DS Editor you may have opened me a few times and looked at my object database. Maybe you remember using me to randomly place coins, bricks, etc. I'm into New Super Mario Bros ds hacking and Paper Mario 64 hacking.

I had no idea this thread existed.

Name's Andrew. I usually go by Cornflakes on the interwebs, but I sorta went with Drewworks cause when I was joining the forum I was just starting an app "company."

Takes a lot of time developing apps, so I haven't messed with making anything since my first few, considering only one was for profit and the rest were mere starting points for me (Here's all my different apps Bacon Simulator, PokeTools, and Slicer (links in my signature)). I've also created two Pokemon rom hacks, one from Firered called Thundersmash based on a YouTube video and another from emerald called dark mist (Scroll down this page to find Pokemon Dark Mist). I've created some other things as well, but most of it is irrelevant here so I'll save you the trouble of reading more of my junk than you already have.

I've done most of my work on a program called GameMaker: Studio, I've been using it since I was about 13, almost 20 now.

Enough of that junk and a little about me, I know C++, HTML, and GML. I'm terrible at communicating on forums. I absolutely love Paper Mario. I played the original Paper Mario game on the N64 because my parents bought me the wrong game (thank god), I had asked for Super Mario 64. I'm at a university right now in Tennessee. I'm a computer science engineering major. Sophomore with a 3.8 gpa at the moment (probably only going down from here haha). A brother/member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon (ΣΑΕ) fraternity. Been playing a lot of Pokemon GO. None of this is really important considering we're on an internet forum, but hey if you were curious about who I was maybe now you've got an idea.

Anyways, If you ever need help with anything shoot me a message and I'll see if I can help you out and if not, I'll try to point you to the right person to answer your question.
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ᴼᴴ ᴴᴵ ᵁᴾ ᵀᴴᴱᴿᴱ\(ಠ_ಠ)

Hi, I'm xkitten. I found this place thru another forum Smile

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