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Welcome aboard Origami64, folks.
Gone for a while.

Hello, i'm MilleniumLuigi. Most of the SM64 people here probably already know me or probably don't care enough to remember Big Grin I hack sm64 and am currently working on SM64 Costal Castrophe, a hack which aims for 170+ stars and brand new gameplay mechanics along with 100% new levels.
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Oh, hey. I'm some random guy, that likes Mario games and ROM hacking. I like to switch, between hacking games, so don't expect me to be work on a hack about a specific game, for a lot. Dunno, you can see other stuff about me on my Tumblr. I don't even the name.

Let's see where this hacking community goes. For now, I'll just toy around with Origami 64, by simply changing the HP of the enemies and the texts. Would be nice if SM64's .obj importing system, could be adapted to Paper Mario and integrated in the editor. Expert modellers (Blender and SketchUp) could do amazing stuff. Looks like the avatar uploading system is broken, too. If I upload an avatar sized 100x100 (which is the maximum size allowed), it says me that the picture is too big. Or, maybe it's just the size of the image? (maximum 25 KB) The limit is too limited, anyways. :<

For now, see 'ya 'round!
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well im MLW (but your user name doesnt say the same) shut up you internal writer
im pretty random at times (he liked videogame:the game) but i like animating curentli im using MMD then i kinda rom hack but my data is erased half of the time so i quit then im planing to make diferent games.
i dont talk english (OMG i didnt notice you write perfectly) but i understand pretty well (so what you dont talk but you writte especify yourself) OK I DO TALK BUT I USALY SPEAK IN SPANISH
and i love plushies (they are amazing)
see im not wierd or anything.

Hi, MLW. I've been trying to become fluent in Spanish myself. I took three years of it in high school, a semester in college, and I'm trying to improve every day. Big Grin

08: Koopa 
Yeah I'm CyberMario. I really love Paper Mario.

Um. I draw and also study math. I code rarely. Just now I was drawing this.
[Image: qIZM1BL.png]
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(09-02-2015, 12:06 AM)CyberMario Wrote: and also study math.

[Image: LaxB5nr.png]

Hello, CyberMario. Big Grin

Hello everyone! -I'm Stephen! (TailsTheGamer on YouTube)

I've been solo working on Project Delfino. Well would be but currently since late 2013 have been having financial issues. I'm a complete noob and am mainly working on the project for learning purposes. People seem to misunderstand me on YouTube. People have offered to help but do to the financial struggles getting in the way, I haven't taken them up on their offers.

I've recently learned there is a similar project to mine for Super Mario 64 DS. I may stop my production of the project if they decide to add the original SM64 to their project.

Now I'm not going to go into detail on the Project as this is an introduction thread.

I'm a member of multiple forums being Augustine Despondent (pretty much dead), The Orange Block, Halo Maps, Malware Up, and some others.

I'm known as these aliases from these and other places,

Supermario641996/Supes/Mario[No I was not born in 1996, people always assume that. 1996 is when Super Mario 64 was born. 1994 is when I was born]
343Gulty [misspelled because an inside joke]
Super Mario/Supes/Mario [take it when I can lol, I signed up with G+ here so it just kinda used my actual name...Wish it didn't but it's too late for that.]
UberCharizard and or UC

There are others but I will not go into them do for unexplained reasons. Do not ask why because I will not tell you Wink

I enjoy modding Super Mario 64 so far. I hope to move on from their afterwords.

The first project I ever got involved with is Augustine Despondent (formally known as Revamped.) Even though the leader abandoned the project without explanation (It's rumored he lost the files) I can still be found lurking on the forums. I was just a simple tester. The Admin there gave me Admin status before he disappeared. I tend to keep the forum up to date with the little knowledge I know. I joined the forums there right after it was created back in 2010.

I'm known to be a silent member. I may not post often but don't worry, I'm here.
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​Working on Project Delfino....
[Image: whydon10.jpg]

I'm here. Hello peoples. I might start Paper Mario hacking one day.

Hello guys  Chirpy  I'm Luigi1er from ROM hacking. My pseudo comes from my best character in SSBM and a kinda suffix inspired of LouisXIV. I hope you can read me well although english isn't my first language.

I still miss some notions in hacking (don't understand the assembler stuffs and the interest) so I hope to learn a lot of things among you. PM64 is the only game I have ever hacked because it's a RPG and it left its mark on me in my youth.

My interest is programming some useful software and learning japenese for catching more jokes while I'm doing otakus stuffs.  Cool

There you go, I hope to be useful to you in some ways. I'm looking forward for future hacks of this game. Cyao~

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