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Re: Goomba King
I'm trying to track down the cause of the Goomba King crash. It's pretty annoying, but it seems to be caused during the map initialization. Do you have a save file you can send me from right before the crash?

Re: Piranha Plant
It's been fixed in the newer versions. Latest is 0.1.6.

Re: "Directory ./database/types/ does not exist!"
When you download it, get the whole zip file, not just StarRod.jar.

Re: Mega Bomb
I know, I screwed that one up. Use Air Raid for now. It will be fixed in the next version (0.2), but there's more content coming and I want to hold off until its done before releasing it. I might go back and add 1 damage to all those multi-hit attacks, but they're pretty ba for end-game balance.

Re: OutOfMemory
Reboot it, there's probably a memory leak... also you don't NEED to compress your ROM package, it's optional.

Re: Fire Pop
Fixed in upcoming version. Totally should have seen that coming.

I like that youre into endgame balance but nerfing multihit moves isnt exactly a good answer. i've been mentally rebalancing PM64 for the last 5 years, I would be happy to share my 2 cents with you if youd like a second brain. If not I understand that as well lol, this is your baby, not mine Smile

Clover, I found a table that references not only the location in memory where the main-world mario sprites are stored, but also the spritesheet table that you've already decoded. The line starts at 0x1943010, and contains four references. The first is the table that contains main-world mario sprites, the third is the spritesheet table, and I don't know what the other two are.

The Mario table, though I'm sure it contains many other sprites, starts off with three offsets: the first points to a header table that contains unknown references (seems to refer to the # of 4-byte clumps in the next section. The second is a series of 4-byte clumps that provide offsets to textures. The third contains the offset to the start of texture data.

The 4-byte clumps are structured simply. Here's the first entry as an example:

0380 0B80

A = unknown, palette offset/index? image size?
B = Texture offset (from start of Mario table)

The other 2 tables from the topmost table seem to have a logical structure too, but I don't know what is it yet. Just some initial discoveries, thought you'd be interested to hear about it.

Clover, if you want to have some sort of compromise with the balance of Partner attack power, why not add in a "Power plus P" badge or something in a late-game chapter? Is that not possible in the original 64 version? TTYD has it, but it also distinguishes between Partners and Mario when it comes to attacking. Though, that badge might make things a little OP in the 0-SP mode... Or you already implemented this Badge and I simply didn't find it.

Edit: Also, I just beat the final Master. Amazing work with what you did with that one! I won't spoil anything, but I think you made a challenging fight even better. Only gripe is I wish there was some sort of Rematch option available for the final version, since I see some... anti-grinding potential there, since those last few levels until max level takes a while.
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[Image: Koopa_Bros_Error.png]

In the Koopa Bros fight, after some several turns into the fight, if the Green Koopa does any attack that isn't its jumping one, the game crashes with the above image in between the transition from the green koopa's attack to the yellow koopa's attack. I also tried paralyzing the green koopa but it still crashed.

The current state was that green koopa was not transparent, buffed, or electrified, and the yellow koopa was buffed and transparent.

EDIT: Also happens after yellow's turn right before it's about to use an attack.
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(18-07-2017, 01:44 AM)clover Wrote: Step-by-Step Instructions for Playing Pro Mode with Project64
  • Launch Project64, use the GLideN64 video plugin we just installed, and load the modded ROM.

Can you please link the preferred version of GLideN64? I had a bad crash using Tidal Wave using Glide64 instead of GlideN64.
[Image: e2TzCWP.gif?1][Image: k9lxoos.png]

Re: GLideN64
I just use v2.0 from here
I find the bizhawk emulator runs this hack pretty well right out of the box. The only catch is you can't use integrated graphics or dark rooms will crash (like the lantern ghost).

I figured out what causes the Goomba King crash. It only happens if you hit the Goomnut tree during the fight. So just don't do that for now.

I'll look into the Koopa Bros next. Thanks for the crash report image.
Looks like its crashing on the GetActorAttackBoost function.

Edit: With that crash report, I've already fixed the Koopa Bros bug. It occurs when Yellow takes his turn if the one in back (forget which color) is dead.
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Nice touch with the Badge you get for beating the ultimate boss rematch. It's the classic "Get it once you no longer need it" trope in RPGs.

And I just finished the entire game in 'normal' mode! Next up, 0-SP mode! But before I do that, I just wanted to say that the changes you made, both big and small, were really awesome. It gave me a new appreciation for the strategy that could go into this game if it was just a little harder, and Pro Mode was exactly what I needed. I never used Quick Change in all my life until this mod came out, for example.

I already think the mod is great for what it did, but if you're open to even more additions, I have a few ideas, some more ambitious than others. Obviously only take the ones you like. I'll put these same things in the suggestion box in your first post.

1. The fight with Lee would be a lot cooler if he transformed into ALL of your partners. If there was a way to "lock" his HP so he could attack once with each partner, that'd make for a really unique boss fight--although it wouldn't make a lot of sense if you don't yet have all of them. Still, it'd be cool. Related to this...

2. Lee and Duplighost enemies both in this version and the normal game are too easy to defeat before they attack you. Is there a way to make them attack immediately after transforming, so the "transform" bit doesn't take up the whole turn?

3. The rematches for the bosses of the prologue and chapters 1-3 were really different and unique. Loved it. Chapter 4 was okay, but too easy to shut down with Mega Quake (maybe make the summoned enemies attack immediately, like in the suggestion above?) And chapters 5+ were basically just power, defense, and HP buffs. Are modifications to chapter 5+ boss rematches in the pipeline as well?

4. It was advertised that there would be "new areas" in the trailer, but the only new area (which I'm already satisfied with) is the one in Shooting Star Summit's area and the Star Palace. But there's one part in the original game and this one that I always felt could use maybe one new hexagon--the clouds at the end of chapter 6. It was a whole area with its own music theme and everything, and not a single enemy in sight! Just the entrance and the boss. If there's any other place to add a new map, it'd be there--maybe something simple like a cloudy field with some Puffs, etc.

5. Would it be a little silly to request a surprise miniboss fight against the three albino rhinos after solving their puzzle?

6. It always bugged me that you couldn't attack the "scout piranha" that tracked you during chapter 5 in the volcano, but I don't know how to make the fight interesting. Maybe have him... show up during the Chapter 5 fight as reinforcements?

Edit: Oh, I forgot!
7. "Feeling Fine" feels OP. It completely nullifies all status ailments, and that cripples a lot of bosses for what they can do. Maybe instead of totally nullifying, it... cuts the ailment time in half, rounding down? Or, alternatively, lets Mario recover 2 'ticks' per turn instead of just 1.

Those are the things that came to mind while playing through the game. I loved every bit of it, and reminded me of what I was missing all these years from the Paper Mario series as of late...
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Is there a way to patch my game with a new version and still keep my save file?

(26-07-2017, 05:40 PM)Char3 Wrote: Is there a way to patch my game with a new version and still keep my save file?

Savestates often don't work across different patches because they're essentially memory dumps that are simply put back into place. Even if you named the different patches the same file name, the actual restored state might crash the game because something, somewhere changed from version to version.

However, one thing that, from my experience, is the same no matter where it goes, is actual in-game saves in save blocks. Whenever a new version comes along, I actually save at a block and start the game the normal way in the new version.

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