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I'm happy to finally announce the release of the Star Rod modding tools and a fully-featured demo mod called Paper Mario: Pro Mode (PMPM). I'm calling this a beta because it hasn't been exhaustively tested yet. But I didn't run into any issues creating my mod and I think you guys would like to finally get your hands on it. You have all been very patient and I appreciate your support over the past year. Here's a trailer for the mod:

Without any further ado, here are the download links.

Paper Mario Pro Mode
Current Version: 0.1.6

Star Rod Dev Tools
Current Version: 0.1.2

Star Rod Patcher

Pro Mode Mod Source Files

The source code for Star Rod will be released some time in the future.
You guys have my permission to reupload or rehost these files wherever you like. As the beta testing continues, these links will be updated with the latest versions.

Use this form to report bugs or crashes with Pro Mode:

Use this form to send feedback or suggest new ideas for Pro Mode:

Step-by-Step Instructions for Playing Pro Mode with Project64
  • Get a US ROM for Paper Mario v1.0 and download Paper Mario Pro Mode above.
  • Extract the zip file and run Star Rod Patcher.jar.
  • Select the Paper Mario ROM and the .mod file and click "Create Modded ROM". This will give you two files: a new ROM for Paper Mario Pro Mode and a text file with Project64 emulator settings in it called "Project64 Settings.txt".
  • Install Project64 and go to its Config folder. Find the file named "Project64.rdb".
  • Copy the text from "Project64 Settings.txt" into "Project64.rdb" and save.
  • Download the GLideN64 video plugin. Copy the files in the zilmar folder to /Plugin/GFX/ for Project64.
  • Launch Project64, use the GLideN64 video plugin we just installed, and load the modded ROM.
  • Everything should work properly, enjoy the mod!

Step-by-Step Instructions for Starting Your Own Mod
  • Get a US ROM for Paper Mario v1.0 and download above.
  • Create an empty folder for your new mod. This will be your mod folder.
  • Extract into a different folder.
  • Run Star Rod, tell it where your mod folder is and where your ROM is.
  • Wait for it to verify you have the right version of Paper Mario.
  • Click "Dump ROM Assets". This will take several minutes. A new folder will be created in the same directory as your ROM with all the assets in it. Do not touch these files afterward. They will be used as references when you compile your mod.
  • After the dumping is done, click "Copy Assets to Mod". This moves all the editable assets to your mod folder.
  • ---- Change whatever you want to make your mod (this is the hard part!) ----
  • Click "Compile Mod". This generates a ROM in /YourModFolder/out/.
  • Click "Package Mod" to create the binary diff file for distribution.

Spoiler: Pro Mode Bug List

Fixed Bugs
  • Gooma text not displaying correctly after buying a Mushroom.
  • Goombario charge limit not working.
  • Text does not reflect changes to Star Powers
  • Misplaced triggers for trees in Dry Dry Desert (sbk_35) (Griscuit)
  • One tree in Dry Dry Desert contains Mega HP Drain instead of a coin (lol)
  • Trials only giving one coin.
  • Textbox error for Trial Boo.
  • Crash in Chapter 5 trial battles.
  • Crash from two Jade Jungle formations with using star powers.
  • Crash in Forever Forest when Zap Tap is equipped.
  • Jr Troopa attacking while dead.
  • Crash when trying to buy Tasty Tonic.
  • Hang when tattling NPCs in Star Temple.

Still Bugs
  • Goomba King rematch hangs intermittently at the end, possibly when defeating him last? (Wayoshi)
  • Final Bowser crashes from Zap Tap or Chill Out (Wayoshi)

Not Bugs
  • Opcode error when trying to boot game: you need to increase the RAM limit. If using Project64, make sure you updated the emulator's RDB config to include the mod.
  • Floor and character sprites vanish during introductory scene: Use the new GLideN64 video plugin, not the older Glide64 plugin (I know, confusing).
  • Power Bounce damage formula is now: Damage = Floor(PrevDamage * 0.75)
  • Defense Up / Guarding block 2 damage each: Final damage to the player is doubled, not enemy attack power.
  • Sometimes enemies in the front of formations are not the ones from the overworld.
  • Room with Lantern Ghost crashes upon entering: error caused by graphics plugin settings on certain emulators. Use a different plugin for dark areas.
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this is incredible, i'll start testing right away,

"You've all been very patient"
Yeah, sure...

So do we start a new game or can we use a completed Paper Mario save for the rom hack?
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Can't wait to dig in. If I were in a better environment, I would totally stream my playthrough. Ah well. I'll play through the game right away anyway.
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Please report any issues you encounter. I only had two play-testers beside myself, so I can't be sure everything will work properly. I hope there won't be too many problems. I didn't want to delay the release for several weeks so a wider test could be completed.

I updated the first post with the source files for the Pro Mode mod.

(18-07-2017, 02:34 AM)Manolo20 Wrote: So do we start a new game or can we use a completed Paper Mario save for the rom hack?

Any save file should be compatible. And rest assured, if the mod requires an update it will be backwards compatible with prior save data. That said, you should probably play from the start if you don't want to miss out on any of the fun.
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What a surprise! I was not expecting to see this be finished for some time... I'm speechless.

Edit: Hmm, I can't seem to run the StarRod.jar. I wouldn't be surprised if it is something on my end due to how I have my java runtime installed. Will report back if I figure out what I'm doing wrong (Windows 10)

Fixed: I got it to open then I immediately ran into an issue. So I did a fresh install of java and a reboot and then manually set the .jar file to open with C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_131\bin\javaw.exe. StarRod is running perfectly fine now.

I did however enjoy the error handler image [Image: RdFCMxl.png]
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ᴼᴴ ᴴᴵ ᵁᴾ ᵀᴴᴱᴿᴱ\(ಠ_ಠ)

pretty cool hack, a few things though


would it be possible to have a version where the enemy attack isn't doubled but is normal but all the other features are there? the game is great but it's a little tedious to have to constantly heal and i'd love to see a causal one

the game keeps on flickering and at times mario and characters go completely black

Hell yes! At last! I will be trying it out soon and reporting if it works as it should for me. Thank you for this.
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I had nothing else to put here, so have a Sabata.

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