L is True for 2017! v1.1 Update Release!
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[Image: super_luigi_64_box_art_by_gecko1993-dbg7uv6.png]

In case you wonder I am not actually Cjes. He is the original author of this project when he made the first version. Since he has officially left the internet I decided to update his project and fixed it up with some fixed mistakes and new content. I do not claim his project to be my own work at all and I was not alone making this as I had a team who helped make this project amazing!
I have plans to also update Super Luigi Star Road (I asked permission to Skelux about making that) that Quasmok and I made along with another Luigi game that will involve a vacation finally Wink

Now your dreams for playing as Luigi in Super Mario 64 comes true!

Changes in v1.1

-Luigi's caps are no longer Mario's caps in the "!" Blocks (This applies to the Wing and Vanish cap along with when Luigi loses his cap as well)

-Mario face model is disable on both the "Press Start Screen" and "Game Over Screen"

-Super Mario World/Super Smash Bros. 64 and Modern Alternate color patches for Luigi included

-Luigi's name appears in the credits.

-Separate patches for Luigi having his own move sets.

-Jump high (Benefit)
-Run faster (Benefit)
-Run up hills (Benefit)
-Slippery tractions (Weakness)
-Swim faster (Benefit)
-Air meter depletes every 4 seconds (Mario's was originally every 5 seconds) underwater and when you are caught in the gas (both are Weaknesses)
-Can't jump when carrying small objects otherwise he trips and drops it (Weakness)

-NES Mini compatible (Yes both the Emulator and the N64 patches can work on the rare system)


Super Luigi 64 v1.1 (Emulator Patch): http://www.mediafire.com/file/d7f0ud3rcdp2074/Super+Luigi+64+v1.1+%28Emulator%29.zip
(This only works on emulator, freezes on N64)

Super Luigi 64 v1.1 (N64 Patch): http://www.mediafire.com/file/d2dalgkruukp8dh/Super+Luigi+64+v1.1+%28Everdrive%29.zip
(This patch was made specifically for N64, it won't work correctly on emulator)

Super Luigi 64 v1.1 (WAD File): http://www.mediafire.com/file/wj5p3v1w4f2x3yx/Super+Luigi+64+v1.1+%28WAD%29.zip
(This can be made into a Virtual Console channel)

(Here's a quick tutorial on how to patch)

Download Floating IPS (Flips): https://www.smwcentral.net/?p=section&a=details&id=11474
Download an unmodified 8mb Mario 64 ROM. (You will have to find it yourself for legal reasons, I won't be handing you one)

1. Open Floating IPS (Flips)
2. Select the patch file (.bps)
3. Select the 8mb Super Mario 64.z64 ROM.

Now you're done!

(The same process applies for the "Super Luigi 64 v1.1 .bps" Everdrive patch file)

If you want to include Luigi physics in your SM64 projects you can get the tweaks that Flame8765 made. He was the one who made the edited codes for Luigi and I imported them in. Although there is no code for the running speed and running up hills yet since Cjes put those codes in himself. I will try to find it when I work on Super Luigi Star Road.
Flame8765 also made the beta running animation in his Tweak Collection 1 as well which is what Luigi's running animation is based on. Please give credit to him for his hard work.


[Image: screenshotss_by_koopshikinggeoshi-dbghecy.png]


Thanks to following people for the suggestions, programs, helping and everything else on the mod.

Cjes (The original author of the mod and a tribute to him)

Dudaw - https://www.youtube.com/user/dudaw12


Flotonic - https://www.youtube.com/user/Flotonic







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There is only one thing i want to ask...

Can he also walk on water?
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Sadly he can't.

L is True for 2017! v1.1 Update Release!
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