Texture64 v0.1.1 - N64 Texture Ripper and Editor
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Texture64 is a tool used to extract and insert textures into ROMs and related binary data. It supports most N64 texture formats including the CI palette modes. I created this tool to help me find and extract textures from Mario Kart 64 and it essentially merges some of the ideas of N64Rip and Tile Molester. It is built using .Net and runs under Windows and mono on Linux.

[Image: x1wprWQ.png]

Download Texture64 0.1.1
Source Code and Project Page

  • Export or import N64 textures of the following formats:
    • RGBA16
    • RGBA32
    • IA16
    • IA8
    • IA4
    • I8
    • I4
    • CI8
    • CI4
    • 1bpp
  • Load palette from separate file
  • Split palette mode to point part of palette to non-contiguous area
  • Multiplatform. Tested under Windows 7 and under mono on Linux

  • Right-click image to bring up context menu
    • Export to image file (.png, .jpg, .bmp)
    • Assign palette offset relative to current texture view
  • Left-click to change offset to clicked pixel
  • Mouse wheel to scroll up/down by four rows of image
    • Hold Ctrl modifier to scroll by entire image
    • Hold Alt modifier to scroll by one row
    • Hold Shift modifier to scroll by one pixel
  • Click "Open..." [Ctrl-O] or drag and drop to open a binary file
  • Click "Insert..." [Ctrl-I] to import image at current offset (does not overwrite file)
  • Click "Save" [Ctrl-S] to overwrite opened file
  • Enable "Split Palette" to point end of palette to different offset
  • Enable "External Palette" to use different file for CI palette

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to post them here or on the github project page. Since it is MIT licensed, I welcome you to include the source or binaries in your projects - just include a copy of the license file.
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Texture64 v0.1.1 - N64 Texture Ripper and Editor
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