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Don't know how no one's managed to catch this, but you don't seem to be able to throw King Bob-omb.
Almost nothing in Whomp's Fortress is solid.
Getting the 100 coin star in Whomp's Fortress (and possibly having it be your 12th star) freezes the screen in place.
Bowser's 12 star door freezes the camera.

So I've managed to actually beat the game, this is no easy task. Every level has some sort of bug that prevents you from getting all the stars except for Lethal Lava Land and Bob-omb Battlefield, and there you have to do Mario Wings to the Sky without the cap. Long story short, the credits don't even like the game.
81 Star Save (Star 81 is the end game star)

So turns out that the 81st star that came from nowhere was the Whomp King star, so I got to do the rest of Whomp's Fortress (it also locked the top floor). I also managed to get into the Wing Cap Stage, so now I can get more stars. Luigi's probably not unlockable still.

The slide star in Cool Cool Mountain is impossible to get. You don't exit the door at the bottom of the mountain which I'm guessing is the reason for this.
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Just found out this hack doesn't work on my dstwo, either clean mode (white screen freeze) or patch mode(infinite loading). Anybody else having the same problem ?

What size is your SD card? If more than 4GB, try a smaller one.
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32gb. If that's the problem, it's strange. I've had all sorts of romhacks, homebrews on this, all worked fine since 2015. But, i'll look into that, thanks.

Edit: Wow, solved it, thanks !
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