SimpleCOLLADA v0.1.1 (C++)
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The COLLADA model format allows for much more flexibility over the .obj format. This includes vertex colors and animations, which can't currently be imported easily using our current tools. While this parser cannot do animations yet, it can read vertex colors.

SimpleCOLLADA v0.1.1 parses:
  • Vertices
  • Triangle indices
  • Texture coordinates
  • Normals
  • Vertex colors
  • Material data (file path for textures, diffuse color, and transparency)
and puts this data into a single object for easy access, then importing tools can use this data to build the models and put it into the ROM file. You can find out more on how to use this code over on the Github page.


[Image: PiS3jap.png][Image: k1EE06S.png]
Example of vertex colors created in blender

Wow! This is just what custom levels need to look amazing!

Is there vertex colour editing or COLLADA files in Sketchup?
Because Sketchup supports COLLADA files.
If not, could you show me how COLLADA files work with
vertex colours so I can try and make a plugin. Cool

COLLADA files have vertex colors but unfortunately Sketchup doesn't, so if you want to vertex color your model, you have to export it to COLLADA and import it into Blender, and do what you have to do.
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SimpleCOLLADA v0.1.1 (C++)
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