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Since there are multiple threads for texture research, I thought it would be most productive to consolidate efforts with a new wiki page here: https://wiki.origami64.net/paper_mario/textures

Everyone is welcome to update the wiki page with new findings! You may use this thread as a changelog, posting any information about your updates here. If you have any questions about editing the wiki page or Paper Mario textures in general, feel free to post those here as well.

Spoiler: Old threads

The original research threads have been closed. You can find them here:
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02: Mario Look Up 
Hey guys, i need some help finding some textures, i've edited already some of them, like the press start, prologue, chapter..
But i'm having trouble finding the folowing texture adresses:

POST OFFICE(the sign)
TOAD TOWN(the sign)
HP(from the status bar)
FP(from the status bar)

I'm searching too, but i can't find it anywhere Cry I would be glad if you can help. Thanks in advance Smile

(Wiki) Paper Mario 64 Textures
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