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Quick question, is there any chance anyone can re code the ai for the Red Shells? they are pretty bad in the game

for example if you are 6th or lower the red shell will target the racer ahead of you even if you don't see them on the screen however if you are between 2nd-5th and you can't see the racer ahead of you the red shell will just hit a wall

(06-04-2017, 06:49 PM)mib_f8sm9c Wrote: Yeah, that guy never listed the codes he used to make that hack. Fortunately, someone else on youtube was a bit smarter and actually posted them. Here's the codes for Players 1 - 8:

800F6990 00D0
800F7768 00D0
800F8540 00D0
800F9318 00D0
800FA0F0 00D0
800FAEC8 00D0
800FBCA0 00D0
800FCA78 00D0

Can't guarantee they'll all work, but I'm 99% sure they will since I tested the 1p one myself.

EDIT: For posterity's sake, I'm going to post what that 0xD0 means, thanks to Jorge Ceballos on youtube:
Bit 0: if 1, character is a ghost
Bit 1: if 1, race startup sequence drive to the starting line
Bit 2: Unknown
Bit 3: If 1, camera movement at finish line
Bit 4: if 1, character is CPU controlled
Bit 5: if 1, character can't move, race has not started and waiting on Lakitu
Bit 6: If 1, character is human controlled
Bit 7: If 1, character exist, if 0 character doesn't exist.

quick question so if i put 01D0 that means the character is cpu controlled?

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