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07: Goomba 
I'm working on adding a Goomba (Female) over Toad's character in Mario Kart 64, and I was wondering if anyone knew how to put Peach's voice over Toad's voice?  Smile

Try Subdrag's sound tool, I think it's compatible with MK64. You'll have to find the sounds in the sound banks, but I think you can swap audio with his tool.

Oh ok cool I will look into it, thank you Smile

Yes, Subdrag's sound tool is compatible Mario Kart 64 but we can't save the rom Undecided.
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Edit : 27 july 2017

N64 ToolSound, Soundbank : 00 - Ctl 00966260 (00013840) Tbl 00979AA0 (00286560) :

[Image: 682216recap2.png]
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That list is very helpful. 0016 is the selection of Yoshi at the menu, if that helps.

I have uploaded the new screen, thanks to SubDrag and Roareyefor for theirs informations.

Can you get the voices and sounds of the Japanese version of MK64 to use them in the US version? It would be interesting to have the sounds and voices of both versions in the same MK64 editing program.

The voice most similar is the one of Peach between both versions. The voice of Luigi, Wario and Toad are different between one version and another.

I thought that the voice of Wario of the Japanese version can be used for the character Magikoopa Kamek.

I'm fairly sure that with Subdrag's sound tool you could export the voices from the japanese rom and re-import them into the english rom to get that effect. Though I don't know if the sound effects in the japanese rom are in the same order as the english one.

Updated :

[Image: recap410.png]

[Image: voicer10.jpg]
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Is it possible to change a characters voice? 1 2 »
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