Super Mario Remedy
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A hack I'm working on in my free time.
--Story (Still could be changed)--
Mario goes to sleep after an exhausting day of saving the princess. Mario then gets woken up very early the next day by a toad screaming about how the princess is missing again and how a giant city has just appeared overnight. The majority of the game takes place in said city, with everyone being very tired because it's like 6:00 in the morning.

--Level Progress--

Course 1- 60% (was finished, but is currently being redone)

Course 2- 90% (just need to import the other areas) (Considering a remake, yes, really)

Course 3 - 10% (progress halted to work on first course again)

Course 4, 5, etc- No progress made aside from some basic plans and ideas

Previews are on my youtube channel:
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2/cancer and 3.7 on a scale of brodute.

I love how you spend time on making sure the textures are mapped correctly, visually the levels don't look boring and platformingwise they look like a lot of fun.

But the levels do still look a bit empty at some places, not very much but its still there (your latest level looks the best in that regard though, so I guess you are improving on that). Also you should try to de-brodute your level by avoiding straight vertical walls and weird unfitting squarish geometry.

By all that it looks very promising.

I probably have been unintentionally basing my levels on star revenge, so I'll try to do more new things with my level design. Thanks for the feedback

Basing off star revenge is not a good thing
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(21-03-2017, 02:42 AM)Nutta Wrote: Basing off star revenge is not a good thing

I based my modelling style off of SR4.5, but I guess I do spend more time on smoothing out the models instead of doing what Brodute does, drawing whatever, smoothing it out 100% and then calling it a day.
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Thought I'd show off what I've done with course 1
I'm hoping to get some feedback so I wont end up having to redo this again
I don't even know what remedy means

I think it looks nice. You should put some borders tho, unless it's supposed to be a floating island.
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Yeah, I've been planning on putting some fences around the place and surrounding the level in water to make it a sort of island. I haven't gotten around to doing any of that yet though.
I don't even know what remedy means

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Super Mario Remedy
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