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Black sprites occur when you are inside the Toad Town sewers, Dry Dry Ruins and Forever Forest

[Image: Y68iTMQ.png]

This happens using the following graphics plugins

I initially thought the fault was on the graphics plugins but it turns out after comparing the original with this multiplayer version that the original does not have this issue using the aforementioned plugins.

Jabo's Direct3D8 1.7.057-ver5 doesn't have this issue.

You can fix this problem temporarily for those plugins if you switch plugins mid-game to Jabo and back to Glide64/GlideN64, sprites will remain normal as long you are playing without restarting the emulator.

me an my friend are trying to play the multiplayer but we cant get it to work

Give more details, nobody can help you if you don't give any more details.
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I've been trying to apply the .ppf to clover's paper mario pro mod. I've gotten as far as PJ64 not throwing errors anymore but the screen showing a "THREAD : 3 (TABLE EXCEPTION ON LOAD)" error with a table of serial like numbers below. I would show the snip I made but I'm not sure how to post pictures in here. I was wondering if anyone can get any meaning out of this error and if there are any possible ways to circumvent it.

What I've done exactly is :
-apply pro mod to fresh paper mario rom (multiplayer mod can't be done first, since pro's .jar only allows for original rom to be patched)
-copy contents of resulting settings file (on .jar completion) "Project64 Settings.txt" to Project64.rdp (important so that the pro mode side doesn't crash)
^Note: Did this for 1.6 and
-tested pro rom on pj64 1.6 and, verified working
-tested rom with .ppf applied only (no pro mod) on pj64 1.6 and, verified working (just for testing, didn't use this file further)
-apply multiplayer .ppf to resulting pm pro file
^Note: since pm multiplayer was applied AFTER pro mode (meaning the emulator identifies the rom as PM Multiplayer and therefor looks up the setting for that rom), I'm not sure if i should change the serial number of PM pros settings (the thing above Good Name) to PM Multi's serial number (in .rdp). Also not sure if I should include PM multi's own settings to it.
- Ran rom on pj 1.6: no error, just black screen
- Ran rom on pj THREAD : 3 error shows

I don't know anything about this error but a possible cause could be that the pro mod skips over the nintendo and intelligent systems logo and goes straight to the start menu. Since the multiplayer mod is patched over the pro mod, it tries to call something (the logos) that isn't there resulting in the exception error. Just a guess. Could also be that the multiplayer mod relies on some settings in the .rdp which are not present since the emulator is reading from the pro mod's settings.

Edit: here is the screenshot:
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Would be possible to have this game working on a real N64 with multiplayer? I have a flashcart and I've tested it, but it didn't worked, giving me the same sort of error than the user above this message ( but on an actual N64).


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