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(05-04-2017, 02:20 AM)Skarf Wrote: In chapter 7, the first duplighost encounter with kooper (on shiver mountain, not inside the palace) absolutely destroys the camera. And you can't see at all until you smash the right kooper, but that's difficult since the camera is fixed on a wall of the mountain. The way I worked around it was to open up my item menu which brought the camera back to me while it was open so I could navigate to the right kooper and smash him.

Thanks, I figured there would the camera would probably mess some parts of the game up. I'll add in a button to the next version to lock the camera onto either player, like SM64 multi.

Cannot wait for the Wii WAD version. Have never gotten an emulator on PC to run the game very well so having that should be perfect.

A very common bug that occurs is that sprites for characters (NPCs) such as mario and enemies don't properly load in some areas, such as the sewers. It's always consistent for me and has never properly loaded them in these areas, and it only occurs in areas where sprites for characters aren't their normal brightness/hue. For example, it happens in Mt. Lavalava where all sprites are dimmed slightly, and in dark areas such as the sewer and in some rooms in the ruins of chapter 2. It's not really intrusive on gameplay at all, but it is extremely consistent so I figured I'd mention it.

I wish partners could pick up items and hit/get hit by enemies to start battles.

PLaying single player till i get a second person for co-op and I can't get past the beginning cause the camera is stuck to the entrance.

(24-03-2017, 02:42 PM)Skeletons Wrote: 1.0.1 is up with a couple of fixes. Haven't done the Wii channel just yet, I want to wait and see if any more serious bugs surface for a day or so.

Can you make it, now?
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So more sprites world be made to make friends able to interact with overworld obstacles? And will partners have status effects like TTYD, with his own HP and FP? ( Of course, these are after Star Rod)

Your back at it again my spooky dude!

Version 1.2 is up, hold Z to run and R to lock the camera.

The link isn't working.

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