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My multiplayer version of Paper Mario (N64). The PPF is for the (U) ROM.


Version 1.0.1:
*Fixed bug where ending a battle as player two does not restore control to player one
*Readme more helpful regarding online play, removed buggy graphics plugin from included emulator

Version 1.0:
*Player two can control Mario's partner in the overworld

Version 0.1:
*Player two can control Mario's partner while in battle

Future Versions:
*Jump from a single A-button press rather than a rapid-fire
*Allow Mario's partner to interact with various game objects
*Allow player two to activate Mario's partner's special move in the overworld
*Fix flying partners being able to clip through walls after performing a special move
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Wow going to try this out today! Hopefully you can figure out how to get each character to be able to walk independently of each other, as that would make thismod even cooler. Awesome stuff as usual!

I'll be happy to play around with this later.
If this ends up working with Clover's tool in some way, shape, or form, that'd be amazing.

8-directional movement on the overworld is working, though I need to adjust it for the camera rotation. Need to fix this plus a few bugs, get jumping working, then next release is ready.

Version 1.0 is up with major changes, see the main post.

Thanks a lot for all your work Big Grin

AMAZING. Will be trying out 1.0 tonight. These multiplayer mods are the best!

Ooh. Perfect!
Great work as always!
Looking forward to future versions.

...Now to wait for someone to do this with TTYD...

Will there be a Wii WAD like SM64 Multiplayer?
EDIT: Will there also be compatibility with Clover's Tool in later updates as well?
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I don't see why this wouldn't work with clover's tool.
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Small bug I found. Finishing a battle as a partner never returns control to player one, resulting in both characters being controlled by player two until the next battle.

Paper Mario Multiplayer v1.0.1 Release! 1 2 »
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