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Is there anyway to make a custom head blink and remove Mario's effect on Vanish/Metal cap?

Hi everyone Smile
this is the question: when I change terrain type in the level importer for exemple to 'sand', the entire level (so every textures) becomes sandy, so I want to know how can I change the textures I don't want being sandy in another kind of terrain type (using collision, it doesn't work Undecided )

Hey, guys! I was told to ask this question here. I am trying to make an old-school style hack like Kaizo Mario 64, which, instead of making brand new levels, I modify existing ones by changing the locations of objects and stars, modifying objects, etc.

I am using Rosalina 64 as a base for this hack. This hack basically aims to remix all the levels of Super Mario 64.

The first thing I wanted to do was add a secret 121st star to the Castle Grounds. I added goombas near the area where you start (yeah, SO original) and changed the respawn point (the place you respawn if you die in the castle grounds) to the top of the castle, and swapped a butterfly out for a star, and placed it behind the respawn point, floating in the air for Rosalina to nab.

Unfortunately, testing didn't go so well. When Rosalina nabbed the star, the circle transition came up like normal, but then it crashed when the outline of Mario's head was at its smallest point.

I was told in the chat that this may happen because there is no warp for the star to take you to after collecting it. I was also told that it may require some programming to get this star in.

Is there a way I can add the appropriate warp so Rosalina can have her star and eat it too, or do I have to go into the eeprom and junk?

I have little to no SM64 hacking experience, only a bit of experimenting with Toad's Tool, Level Importer, and text wrangler.

If I actually have to go into the eeprom and change hex values, could you please explain exactly what tool to use and what values to change? That'd be really helpful!

Thank you very much for your time and patience!

- Dylan

I haven't done much rom hacking lately, and it's slipped my mind on how you give a certain object a custom object combo. By that I mean making a door that does nothing when you touch it instead of making mario open it. Or making a box that you can walk through or an invisible flame that burns you but you can't see. Can anyone give me a quick rundown on how to do this? And before you ask yes I'm using the latest tools. Still getting used to Toad's tool 64 not having a retarded camera and actually not crashing every time I add a new object lmao.

So has anyone made a Super Mario 64 Multiplayer Tweak or patch yet. While I was working on Super Mario Star Road Multiplayer in CajeASM a long while ago, Skelux beat me to it and made it multiplayer! So I decided to quit, and now I see that CajeAsm is dead now! Hopefully someone has created a Multiplayer patch by now.
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