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[Image: egaddmodel_by_mrpr1993-dayklee.png]

I used up a GameCube model of Professor E. Gadd's and remove as many polygons as I could til' it matched Mario's N64 one.

So here we have: A N64 Professor Elvin Gadd!


If anyone's interested on downloading this, be my guest!
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New hack boys?????

If I had not deleted my VM I would make one.
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Got Akira Himegawa's 10 Zelda Manga's for christmas, I can die happy now.

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I have decided to make this my post; here I'll be making a post when I finish a model. Styled in SM64 - for anyone (and ones who might be skilled to replace the plumber with someone else).

Stay tuned!

2 ideas I have in mind are Shantae and Megaman. Who else you think I should model?
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[Image: shovelkmodel_by_mrpr1993-daz615u.png]

​DOWNLOAD (Sketchup 8 Model)

Ith is dun! The knight in blue's model is done! In a N64 style!

These are dank dude, nice work!
My threads are now being maintained here

This is really quality work, keep it up! Chill

[Image: shantaemodel_by_mrpr1993-daz862k.png]

I have finished the model of everyone's favorite half-genie hero: Shantae!
​DOWNLOAD (Sketchup 8)
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[Image: scroogemcduckmodel_by_mrpr1993-dazawzy.png]

Used Scrooge's Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep model and low poly'd it to this! Boy was that a tough one.

​DOWNLOAD (Sketchup 8)

Make SmithJrBlaquaLuigi.

[Image: abff926dbd6c05e83184d462c9551758.png]

MrPr1993, please, make inkling boy and girl

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