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I want to add characters such as "ł" "ę" "ć" etc...
Can I add this to Pitstop?
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As far as I know, you can only change some of the existing font textures. I am not sure how new ones could be added. The existing font textures are below (full details in MK64 Textures thread).
[Image: UugzOzp.png]
[Image: muwURRj.png]
[Image: duKCxpa.png]

Yup, Queue is right. I just did some testing, it looks like if you try to use characters that don't exist in the game (like parenthesis or brackets), the string writing function just won't write anything, and if you try to write anything above the ASCII 0x7F max value (which is how it stores the data), it'll just write a 'B'.

I'd suggest replacing less-used characters like '=', '@', and '+', swapping the textures in Pitstop to your desired character.

BTW Queue, been meaning to say this but I suspect there's a couple more unused font textures still lurking in the ROM.
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Can someone do tutorial to this?

Sure, I'll tackle this later today.

EDIT: Uh, whoops. I posted a whole tutorial, but it turns out that I had the entirely wrong font image set referenced. So yeah, I'm going to have to look into this further. As of right now, you can't insert new characters into the Mario Kart 64 ROM.
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Custom Characters
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