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Ive been playing around with the 3D settings in SM64DS and managed to produce some interesting effects.

This tweak will turn on edge marking:

orr r0, r0, 20h (20 00 80 E3)

This will enable highlight shading, but only seems to be active on certain models such as the title screen Mario/Yoshi heads.
orr r0, r0, 02h (02 00 80 E3)

Below is a video of the edge-marking effect.

You can find relevant documentation here.
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Figured I'd post this here too:
I just came up with one for always reading the touch screen joystick as if the origin is the center of the screen (useful for emulators that have a joystick to touch function, as this prevents the joystick from dragging the origin around).

0202C528 = e3a02080 (Mov r2,#0x80) This sets the X value
0202C53C = e3a01060 (Mov r1,#0x60) This sets the Y value

0202b444 = e3a02080 (Mov r2,#0x80) This sets the X value
0202b458 = e3a01060 (Mov r1,#0x60) This sets the Y value

The graphics of the joystick will still move and drag, but the input should always register as the origin being dead center of the screen.

I made this before realizing that Skeletons made a patch, but this should be handy for android users with tincore mapper

I know how I could input Skeletons' patches here, but I don't know how I could input FroggestSpirit's, would it go something like this


or does it go literally how it's written, which I haven't tried yet

or does it go some other way that I don't know of, because when I did the way that's above, it crashed the editor and I couldn't apply the patch, and I want to use the circle-center patch since the DS touch screen is in the spot that the Nintendo 64 Analog stick is in, but I hate the touch screen control because it slows down randomly due to the circle being dragged around like a broken Gamecube Controller does (AkA, the Gamecube Controllers my father bought, I would like to continue Mario Sunshine, but the analog stick that controls Mario is such a huge issue, it only fixes when the stick is taken off the controller, but when that happens it hurts to control and now I'm just going off topic and I should stop doing that right now)

Misc. Tweaks/Patches Thread
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