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Ive been playing around with the 3D settings in SM64DS and managed to produce some interesting effects.

This tweak will turn on edge marking:

orr r0, r0, 20h (20 00 80 E3)

This will enable highlight shading, but only seems to be active on certain models such as the title screen Mario/Yoshi heads.
orr r0, r0, 02h (02 00 80 E3)

Below is a video of the edge-marking effect.

You can find relevant documentation here.
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Figured I'd post this here too:
I just came up with one for always reading the touch screen joystick as if the origin is the center of the screen (useful for emulators that have a joystick to touch function, as this prevents the joystick from dragging the origin around).

0202C528 = e3a02080 (Mov r2,#0x80) This sets the X value
0202C53C = e3a01060 (Mov r1,#0x60) This sets the Y value

0202b444 = e3a02080 (Mov r2,#0x80) This sets the X value
0202b458 = e3a01060 (Mov r1,#0x60) This sets the Y value

The graphics of the joystick will still move and drag, but the input should always register as the origin being dead center of the screen.

I made this before realizing that Skeletons made a patch, but this should be handy for android users with tincore mapper

I know how I could input Skeletons' patches here, but I don't know how I could input FroggestSpirit's, would it go something like this


or does it go literally how it's written, which I haven't tried yet

or does it go some other way that I don't know of, because when I did the way that's above, it crashed the editor and I couldn't apply the patch, and I want to use the circle-center patch since the DS touch screen is in the spot that the Nintendo 64 Analog stick is in, but I hate the touch screen control because it slows down randomly due to the circle being dragged around like a broken Gamecube Controller does (AkA, the Gamecube Controllers my father bought, I would like to continue Mario Sunshine, but the analog stick that controls Mario is such a huge issue, it only fixes when the stick is taken off the controller, but when that happens it hurts to control and now I'm just going off topic and I should stop doing that right now)

Was searching for 60fps codes for N64 games, and came across this:

I do have a 60fps code for SM64DS as well that I found quickly today.

SM64DS v1.1 (U)

Sixty Frames
0208D6DC 00000001
It sadly acts just like the SM64 one but tends to lag more in some areas.
Only difference is that the main menu is natively 60fps on the DS,and that's how I found it so quickly.

Source: http://forum.pj64-emu.com/showpost.php?p=63065&postcount=18

Misc. Tweaks/Patches Thread
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