PMTTYD: Flurrie Mod
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Been working on this the past couple of days and wanted to share it with the rest of you.  This is a simple texture swap that changes Madame Flurrie into a cute little Boo.  I haven't done extensive testing so I'm not sure if everything is perfectly lined up but from what I have tested everything seems to be in working order.  This mod works by replacing Flurrie's texture files so you'll have to have Dolphin and have it load custom textures.  Installation is the same as any texture pack.

Here is a link to the imgur gallery: Images

And a link to the download: Download

Cool dude, are you using 4k resolution on dolphin?
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Nice work! Here's the links to my Kooper texture pack and the how to thread for making and using texture packs in Dolphin.

​How make and use texture packs in Dolphin: Thread Link

​Download Link: Kooper Texture Pack
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Adorable boo! Tongue

PMTTYD: Flurrie Mod
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