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Are you sure that they werw not bashing skelux

(27-11-2016, 09:23 PM)big ang Wrote: nah yall were banned for being pieces of shit LMAO

Oh, hmm I wonder why I deleted it.


You're mixing up my own statements with Smithy's, I haven't threatened legal action, that originated from one of your mods claiming people would have me taken to court for installing "malware".

You want me to reflect? You are the odd ones out here, the vast majority of people have no issues with me, it says something about you that you've been able to provoke me to this degree.

The irony with Tarek being that he trolled about being a Nazi, because you and others call him one. When we're all being bashed constantly why would we want people to think we're active on your forum? This whole ordeal started well before I personally decided to do anything about it, because you have been treating SM64 users like shit since way back. And well, one of your key arguments seems to be "we treat you like shit because you deserve it".

Also you're demeaning the value of the younger demographic of our users' opinions, which is rude and unfair in itself. You're alienating them, giving them even more of a good reason to take our side.

Closing up the doors, not really seeing any more points worth arguing with now, it's getting to a more insulting level.
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