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This project has been a work in progress for a while now. Mario and Luigi will be working as a team to collect all 301 stars. The modelling for the first two courses for area 1 are mostly done. I am now working on course 3.


301 stars
30 levels, good in quality
Good missions
Custom stuff


Area 1

1. Mystical Meadows

​Preview 1

2. Flavory Fruit Islands

​Preview 2

Area 2
3. Windville Mills
4. Sugarcorn Acres
5. Honeyleaf Alps

Area 3
6. Glitter Gulch Mine
7. Shiver Peak
8. Tukunu Valley

Area 4
9. Aquanis Ruins
10. Yoshi's Tropical Island
11. Ukatii Village

Area 5
12. Shifty Freeze Caves
13. Creepstill Mansion

Area 6
14. Bowser's Bob Omb Factory
15. Bowser Jr's Triple Towers

Area 7
16. The Deluxe Express

17. Mechatropolis
18. Party Star Island
19. Toy Time City
20. Weaving Wooly Gardens
21. ?
22. ?
23. ?
24. ?
25. ?
26. ?
27. ?
28. ?
29. ?
30. ?

Due to photobucket's nonsense, I'll just post some of my older work here.



Custom Object

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Oh my god! Mobile windmills?!

Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh can't wait for more!

(if you're in need for custom HUD, you know where to find me)

Thanks MrPr1993. Yep, mobile windmills, they actually spin in game and doesn't crash. I need to figure out how to give it collision, and a platform Mario can ride on, Mario just jumps through it.
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Dude. This is very clever, but would you mind If I can record some "Tale of two" when you're finished? I can't wait to see this project turn out good! Big Grin
I'm not replying to your Damn Thread if nobody understands what you're saying.

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Sure, definitely can.

This hack is great. Keep up the good work

The hack looks already great. I love your modelling skills and your good level design.
Keep up working on it! I hope you can show us in-game footage soon.

holy moly... 301 stars!? so much hype!
A SM64 Hacking Weeb

I can see you changed the name from "Super Mario Star World." Well I just want to say good luck with the hack. I've been following it for a while now and it looks amazing. Welcome to the site.
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Thanks all. In game footage is shown below the level names.

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