Changing Mario's Speed by editting the rom?
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Hi, I am fairly new to the whole Super Mario 64 Rom hacking thing, but i was wondering if it was possible to change mario's speed so that, when he reaches a certain speed, his speed will be set to something much higher, e.g. once mario reaches a speed of 15 his speed will be immediately set to 200, is it possible to change his speed with n64split or SM64 Editor?

I think meltfire did something similar, check him out he always replies to comments
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Yup you're right! I always do! ...sometimes...

I modify Mario's running speed using a cheat code I found HERE called "Improper Max Mario Speed" (look under "Miscellaneous Useful Codes")

Then I use Messiaen's method of patching gameshark codes permanently into my rom.
(geez I feel old mentioning that guy)

Here the code.

BSFree Web Page Wrote:
​Improper Max Mario Speed Code
812653B6 BF80 (mario's acceleration, make lower for faster acceleration)
812653CE 4280 (max. speed 64, change to other FP values for higher or lower)

I call this improper because it's more of a hack than anything. There's a maximum value for when you're making mario run, and an absolute maximum simply for when Mario is on the ground. All this does is bump up the overall maximum speed and make it so that instead of being limited to a speed of 32 by subtracting one when it reaches 32, it adds one instead.

Using Messiaen's method I ended up with this.
(Keep in mind this doesn't always work every GS codes)
​Also Messiaen has made a mistake by adding a extra 0, it's 245000 not 2450000

81 2653B6 BF80
81 2653CE 4280

245000 - 2653B6 = 203B6
245000 - 2653CE = 203CE

Offset: 203B6
Offset: 203CE

Open up Hex Editor using SM64 Level Importer/Editor and type in these offset numbers, you should see these numbers.
"3F 80"
"42 40"

These are the default numbers to adjusted Mario's running acceleration and top speed.

Change "3F 80" to adjusted Mario's running acceleration
Change "42 40" to adjusted Mario's running top speed

In my case, I change it to resemble Sonic gameplay. So here what my code looks like.

Default Mario 64 speed
81 2653B6 3F80
81 2653CE 4240

Somari 64 Speed
81 2653B6 BE00
81 2653CE 44A0

I hope this helps.

Yeah, it helped a lot, thanks dude!

Changing Mario's Speed by editting the rom?
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