Super Frogers 69
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Super Frogers 69 is my Super Mario 64 rom hack I am currently making. In the end it'll be a complete game like the original.

Warning: this game does have inappropriate content and language, so play when your parents aren't looking.


PLOT: The main character of the game, Frogest, wakes up not remembering anything that happened the night before. All he has with him is a day old party invitation. After searching around he finds a castle that seems strangely familiar; it's where the party was! But something is very bizarre about the castle... Frogest soon discovered they're worlds hidden in the castle paintings. (I know, I'm predictable.) But almost nobody is happy to see Frogest after what he did... he did something the night of the party..... but he... he cannot remember. He shortly learns that 2 guys, Johnson and Peggy have ordered him to collect 120 pineapple condoms or else he will be killed. But there are still a lot of questions remaining. Why and how were these worlds built? Why does Frogest have to collect 120 condoms? But most importantly, WHAT DID HE DO LAST NIGHT!? All these questions will be answered when I finish this game...... eventually...............


Important things: The plot of the game is not fully developed yet because the game is in its early stages.

I plan for this to be a story based game, it'll have plot, Easter Eggs, mysteries, all of that stuff.


Now for the bad news: SM64 hacking is difficult and takes a long time. Keeping that in mind this will take YEARS to complete. This is my first hack so I don't want it to suck and be a disappointment the earliest release time is 2018 but life activates can get in the way so that is just an the earliest possible estimate.

Current game progress: only the first 2 levels have been successfully imported, basically the game is only 6% complete.

I will always give updates on game progress here when I get far so everybody can be updated. It is also a possibility that when the game is close to completion I will upload beta versions! I hope this hack is promising!

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This hack looks interesting, with good plot. I hope to see updates from their hack
I'm working on a hack called SM64 Nostromo

(14-10-2016, 10:02 PM)David Holanda Wrote: This hack looks interesting, with good plot. I hope to see updates from their hack

Really glad you're excited to see this game! I'll make sure to give updates on game progress!
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Super Frogers 69
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