SM64 EEPROM Editor
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Disclaimer: I did not make this tool, but I am uploading it for posterity since I cannot find any active download links to it and it really is quite useful.

I stumbled on this "SM64 EEP Editor" tool from a SM64 hacking tools collection. I saw some forum posts over on from 2005 regarding it, but no download link. The author hasn't been active since 2006 and his last post in the thread was unfortunately "anyway, the source code for the SM64 [EEP] Editor has gone down a green pipe, forever lost" Sad

This lightweight tool allows editing of SM64 EEPROM files, including stars collected, level coin counts, keys/doors unlocked, cannons opened, audio settings. The EEPROM is a storage chip embedded in the cartridge and is emulators store it as a ".eep" or ".sav" file on your disk.

  • ​Project 64 1.6: %LOCALAPPDATA%\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Project64 1.6\Save\
  • ​Project 64 2.3: C:\Program Files (x86)\Project64 2.3\Save\
  • ​mupen64plus 2.5: %APPDATA%\Mupen64Plus\save\
  • ​Nemu64 0.8: same directory as nemu64.exe
  • ​cen64: the file specified with -eep4k on the command line

[Image: wZwpzwJ.png]

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This program looks like it was well put together, props to whoever had originally threw it together. Sad that the source was lost.

I'll see if I can get any use out of this tool. Thanks for the upload!

Awesome. This will be super useful for playtesting hacks, particularly for whether the cannon is open in a level
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SM64 EEPROM Editor
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