Paper Mario: Bowser Is Back (WIP romhack)
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Yes, that's right. I'm going to revive Paper Mario with this very rom hack. Even if it's not an official Nintendo game, still gonna be pretty good.
Anyways, the point is this hack is very WIP. Sadly I can't make it until Clover releases his tool, but we're already thinking of the game itself! Not really much to say though, but I hope everything will be ok.

Development team (currently):

RobiNERD (helping out)
(Bold = staff)

Latest progress:
Text editing v1

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So uhhh...What's going to be in the game itself?

A new adventure with more partners, badges, etc. And new maps

please make it work on the real hardware ok ?

I hate emulators hack

I don't have real hardware, so I can't 100% guarantee it will actually work.

Show some progress before making a thread, I give you the quota of a week.
Gone for a while.

Some text editing. Gonna change a lot

I got a new pc, this should mean that I can make faster progress but sadly we need to do all kinds of shit to get the old files over here AND get the graphics card working (it fucking says vga) so I hope I'll be able to work on the hack soon.
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An update - and somehow I am bumping this post 6 months. Apparently Clover's tool is coming closer and closer. Meanwhile I've added ThunderAliG to the project and we'll do some maps! Big Grin

Paper Mario: Bowser Is Back (WIP romhack)
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