the goomba AI project
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[Image: RRkmOcw.jpg]
this is the interface for the actual thing im working on.

"what is this?"
this is gonna generate 16 goombas, each of which has a randomly generated set of rules. it generates a set of 20 rules at the beginning, lets all the goombas run through a parcours and then eliminates 8 goombas based on how far theyve gotten. each of the 8 remaining goombas will produce one offspring with random mutations to their rules and then repeats this process of elimination and generation over and over.

"what is a rule?"
a rule decides how a goomba moves. there are 2 types of rules;
type1: this rule takes input from senses and outputs 1 or 0 depending on wether its desired inputs are met.
type2: this rule takes 2 other rules as an input and conjuncts them with "and", "or", "xor" or "nor", that way complex algorithms for movement can be created.
not every rule has the ability to write to the goombas movement though.

"what are the goombas senses?"
the goombas have exactly 5 senses:
- height difference between them and the floor shortly in front of them
- is there a wall left of them?
- is there a wall right of them?
- is there a wall in front of them?
- their own speed

if you guys want to help, you can draw a simple parcours for the goombas to walk through. once ive finished the code, i'll try and see if the goombas find a way to solve all these levels. make sure the levels are relatively simple though, as all these goombas can do is walk, turn and very little jumps.

So this is gonna be like the Chao Garden races in Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, being almost like a Olympic race, but with Goombas instead of Ducks or Chaos?

(when I say "Duck" I'm referring to the online flash game series Duck Life, BTW )

Or will it be more like this?:

Either way, still an interesting concept!
Signed---A quite strange fellow

it is very similar to that, yes. it doesnt have "positive" or "negative" connections though, instead, it's connections make a program together.

the goomba AI project
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