Poll: The Best Paper of them All
Paper Mario N64
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
Super Paper Mario
Paper Mario: Sticker Star
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PM:TTYD is the best overall game. PM64 is a close second. Super Paper Mario, in my opinion, doesn't go anywhere on that list because it's a different (and good!) game. Never played sticker star. TTYD added so much. It had the revamped battle system with stylish moves (which was genius), hilarious (and touching) dialogue, great music, etc. It was everything Paper Mario 64 was and more.
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SS is fine as it was a game on its own. SS fails to deliver on the paper mario feel, but it's practicly the only real paper Paper Mario (since the whole aesthetic of the game is around paper and stickers).

I personally think it's not bad at all. It just wasn't what I was hyped for, dissapointing me very badly. Not as badly as NSMB2 did, but still dissapointing.

Actually no, I think it fails at being a real PM game too.
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Paper Mario 64 by far.

(07-02-2015, 12:16 AM)CyberMario Wrote: Paper Mario 2 > Paper Mario N64 > Super Paper Mario > Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Come at me.

Super Paper Mario was my favorite due to the story-line (Mr. L was my favorite villain,HINT: need to be at least level ten to beat him. learned that the hard way.), but I miss the turn based system that Paper Mario 64 had. Paper Mario Sticker Star was RAGE INDUCING, completely fell off of the traditional Paper Mario style. I never played Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door.
1 Super Paper Mario 2 Paper Mario 64
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Paper mario thousand year door. I dunno why, but i like it more then Paper Mario 64.
PMTYD, PM64, SPM, PMSS (I wish, i would have never played Sticker star! Glare It should be burned! D:< )

Thousand Year Door is by far the best in my opinion

PM64 > TTYD > SPM > SS. PM64 was the first game I played at, so it's surely because of nostalgia that I prefer it.

Unlike all people there, I couldn't follow well stories because I didn't understand English back then, so I was practising text mashing like a pro while playing.  Cool Then, even if TTYD brought many elements I really enjoyed, I was kinda stuck forever in Ch3, Ch4 and Ch6 because of triggers to make the plot progress.

Somehow, the gameplay and the universe were solid enough so I had a lot of fun with the two first games at least.


I like. SPM and TTYD. I didn't play PM64 tho.

Sticker star #sarcasm.
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