Mario Kart 64 1500cc Edition
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Mario Kart 64 1500cc Edition

Using information from the MK64 Hacking Thread, krom started a MK64 hack to increase the power and speeds of the karts and map out the other kart related attributes in the ROM. I found it really fun to race AI or with friends, and so I have been working on adding features and fixing the remaining issues with the hack. Since krom's post in the hacking thread is getting buried and there is now a dedicated MK64 forum here, I thought this hack was worth showcasing in its own thread.

IPS Patch:
  1. Download Patch
  2. ​Apply patch to Mario Kart 64 (U) [!].z64 ROM (e.g. using Floating IPS or uips)

[Image: Ib4sxqe.png]

  1. ​clone or download source:
  2. ​copy Mario Kart 64 (U) [!].z64 to Mario Kart 64 1500cc directory
  3. ​assemble with ARM9's port of bass assembler:
    • bass "Mario Kart 64 1500cc.asm"
  4. ​update ROM header checksum (e.g. with n64sums, chksum64, or n64cksum):
    • n64sums "Mario Kart 64 1500cc.z64"

  • ​Mapped out all the Kart Property values
  • ​Increased kart CC speeds
  • ​Updated title screen, menus, and text graphics
  • ​Created 1500cc staff course ghosts for Luigi, Mario, and Royal Raceways

Known Issues:
  • ​Staff Ghosts in Time Trial mode get confused, as they prob use timed controller input saving, so they can get stuck in corners etc!
    • ​Changes pending to address this
  • ​When you use a Super Jump, e.g on D.K.'s Jungle Parkway or Royal Raceway, the distance traveled is much farther than normal.
    (You can do a tight turn to land on track, but it would be better to edit the properties of those jumps, to make it a little less severe.)
  • ​With the extra power of the karts, going thru Grass or Sand etc., hardly effects the speed of the Kart.
    (I also want to find the properties that will let me add some more slowdown when going thru these surface types, with the added Kart speed)
  • ​The speed of the shells is often slower than the karts, so they often don't catch their target and you can get hit by your own red or blue shells
    • ​Currently working on mapping out all the shell speeds that are assigned and updated in the ASM
  • ​Speedometer only goes up to 100 km/h which is often exceeded.

greetz to jrra, marshallh, krom, #n64dev, cousins
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Nice one queueRAM, it's a great idea to seperate this hack from the general MK64 forum.
I love all the extra work you are doing to make into a fully polished hack, so thanks again for your interest in this project =D
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Thanks krom and queueRAM. Seems to run really well. Just finished 1500cc all cups Smile I'll have to give the course ghosts a go. I didn't find the jump boost pads an issue in DK's level, found it difficult to get the right angle on RR. Also, like you mentioned the shells are slow but I found it cool trying to keep up with the red shells going around the course. Other than that I really love it. Great change from the norm. Hopefully at some point we can have reverse tracks working. I think that'd be lots of fun. Thanks again guys.

I couldn't even beat 200cc, wow.
Gone for a while.

This may be useful for make Releasio Kart 64 Big Grin thank you so much
PS: Ofc i will credit you

Mario Kart 64 1500cc Edition
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