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(20-06-2017, 11:37 PM)SuperToad64 Wrote: So has anyone made a Super Mario 64 Multiplayer Tweak or patch yet. While I was working on Super Mario Star Road Multiplayer in CajeASM a long while ago, Skelux beat me to it and made it multiplayer! So I decided to quit, and now I see that CajeAsm is dead now! Hopefully someone has created a Multiplayer patch by now.

I know I'm probably extremely late but Star Road Multiplayer is already updated to be the same as SM64M 1.3.1. Even though they have different numbers, Star Road Multiplayer came after 1.1 of the original Multiplayer.

Anyways, yeah I hope we get a multiplayer patch soon. It would be great to play all these great hacks with my little brother.
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Speed Modification?

Can someone make a tweak to change the p timer (for hidden objects) duration or a tweak to stop the game from changing the camera angle when pausing? I could really use both and i think im not the only one.
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Also heres my Youtube.. I started a Tutorial series on how to make super sexy custom Levels.

Yo, do you think I could get a tweak for changing Wiggler's health?

As well as one for Eyerok?

I would be very grateful :3

Using the tweak to disable the file select screen, is it possible to delete a file after doing that? If so, how do you delete a file?

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