Pokemon GO!
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Who else has been playing?
General stories thread.
Here is my pride and joy, Pikachu:

I'm certain the 24/7 petrol station guy must think I'm either homeless or crazy, because I keep walking in at 4am to buy noodles and coffee.

ive been playing too, but its been really bugy and thus frustrating for me. it keeps getting stuck without telling me that its stuck, so i cant encounter any pokemon or similarly stupid things. kinda took all my motivation to ever go out again to catch a pokemon last time that happened. maybe its because its not officially released in europe yet, ill try again when its finally officially released.

I got lost driving around for pokemon.

I only have 200 mb of data in my plan, gotta ration my pokemon go use ;__;

I can't get enough! It's like crack...

Literally, all I've done since it released has been work, eat, Pokemon Go, Paper Mario. Me and my friends have met so many awesome people out in the wild. It's a blast!

It's always been my dream for Pokemon to be loved by everyone and this is about as close as it will ever get.
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Well, in Italy only old people play, so I almost never play but I finished all internet because of playing 10 minutes Glare
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my pride and joy is a 1200 something cp vaporeon, and a 928 pillar of justice snorlax.
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I basically stopped playing for a while, but I downloaded the update today and with all the bug-fixes and connectivity issues gone it's actually playable now, so I'll probably keep going. My strongest is still only a 700-something Pincer I found in the wild lol

I've been stranded on the coast of Sweden

Pokemon GO!
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