Notes to play percussion
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We need to get this done quick for the sake of percussion convenience. 
It is recommended not to use Track 10 on these so the note doesn't get altered.

Triangle - A#6 Cabasa
               A6 Maracas
*Octave 5 for triangle.

Crash Cymbal - C#4 Crash cymbal
                        A#4 Open hihat
                        F#3 Close hihat

Clash Cymbal - B4 Clash Cymbal
                       *Any other note - Ride bell.

General Percussion - C#6 Bongo
                                 C3 Bass drum
                                 E3 Electric Snare

Please post more finds.
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Gone for a while.

Pretty sure the triangle instrument is two triangle samples (one short one long) and then the Malacca/shaker/whatever that is but I'll verify and check back later. I have some of this listed in a text file on my computer.

Also protip you can use subdrag's sound tool to see how many samples are in an instrument, preview them, and view the key splits.

Subdrag only shows hex, not notes, I don't think anyone would understand that. And yeah, it's just a Cabasa but sounds like a Maracas on C6.
Gone for a while.

I have breakdowns for all of the multi-kits I found (5, "Percussion Loop" is also a multi), when I get the chance this week I'll upload my findings. Also, if anyone wishes to do this themselves I'm uploading the audio from which I figured it out (so if someone wants to listen and do this without the need for the N64 sound tool). Since I didn't use the sound tool, I used specialty m64's rendered to audio files with cue notes to help me determine the starting and ending pitches for the multis.

Each octave is prefaced with a cue consisting of a series of 10 notes, a secondary pitch marks the octave number and a primary pitch fills the remaining 10 notes. This way you can scroll through the song without having to count from the beginning. Each octave starts at MIDI 0, and was converted before my MIDI to m64 tool existed using the musicXML tool. (I might have mixed up crash/clash cymbal since those names are f***** stupid)

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(05-07-2016, 09:35 PM)Mr. GreenThunder Wrote: Subdrag only shows hex, not notes, I don't think anyone would understand that. And yeah, it's just a Cabasa but sounds like a Maracas on C6.

taken from the comments section for his tool on goldeneye vault:

subdrag Wrote:
It is, 00, then Split start (between previous and normal, add +0x14 to value to get note split), then the next byte is between normal and secondary, add +0x14 to value to get note split), then some kind of release time parameter that I am having trouble figuring out exactly how works. But once get going you can just copy between games.

but ya it's not easy to read or anything. I'm not suggesting everyone use that as a reference, I'm suggesting that as a way for us to find the splits without doing chromatic scale m64s and counting the notes.

anyway here are some multis you guys missed (tho not with split offsets i dont have those written down anywhere, and also only including the ones where the different samples are different instruments. shit like the acoustic guitar or banjo use multiple samples so they sound good across a larger range)

snare (instrument 0x0C in most banks) is two different snares with two different timbres.

there's a drum machine kick and snare split in the metal cap and title screen banks. iirc the snare is just one note and everything on either side of that is kick.

the drums in bowser's theme are a split. snare on either side of the kick. snare is really really hollow to the point of not being that useful but the kick is really nice. idk what it is exactly but it reminds me of the one from the emu drumulator sorta (don't think that's what it is tho).

also this zip is fucking giant so im not gonna download it but one of the cymbal instruments is hi-hats (closed/open) and the other sounds like a crash cymbal to me with a ride cymbal on either side. lets forget we ever called anything a clash cymbal lol.

24MB is giant? To each his own.

Also yeah I forgot to upload two others, I have the snare and bass drum multis too (uploading) that ergazoobi mentioned, now individual and not zipped. I'm missing one, though which I'm not sure.

​SM64 Multis
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okay that's not giant lol. my internet was shitting itself and didn't even get to downloading the metadata after a full minute so I didn't know how big it was, I guess I just assumed it was huge.

anyway "ClashCymbal.flac" is the hi hats, "CrashCymbal.flac" is the ride and crash. the missing one is the bowser theme drums (bank 0x12, instrument 0x08).

Notes to play percussion
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