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THIS IS GREAT!!!! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Sorry for that, I'm really excited about this tool(I've been waiting for this since I started hacking SM64)and makes me think about the possibilities we'll have with music now.

I was always tired of hearing M64s because they sounded really monotone(same volume, pitch unchangeable etc) Now with this tool I'll have more to work with. THANK YOU!

PD, What did you use to change instruments? N64 Sound Tool? or a custom program you made?

Haha "lezg_g" nice username.

Yeah so firstly I'm probably going to hold off on the source (I took down the repo) since I think it would be a mistake to release it in its current state. It's undocumented, UI less, and many of the constants aren't correct: I haven't figured out the engine's vibrato pitch range, coarse pitch changes don't function as you'd think, note velocities and channel velocities are also not so straightforward. Things like vibrato amplitude are weird, like you must start a note at vibrato = 1 if you want it's vibrato to change from a stop, so I have more research to do.

As soon as Kaze's hack is done, I can put it the time to complete the remaining little bits and release it with a proper UI.

Also the custom samples were done with the sound tool and a lot of fiddling. Pretty sure the next project is a proper bank/sample tool Wink

Thank you Smile.
I recommend not to rush your project, so it's a good decision to only release the source 1st.

Yeah importing custom instruments with N64 Sound Tool is very painful and limited to the number of instruments the bank has Tongue.(I've done it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxVwAPAQdnc )

If you happen to make the bank tool(my life would be complete...) make it like something that we can share(maybe a .B64 Format(B of "Bank") ).

I've been working with importing music in Ocarina of Time where I use .zseq for the sequence and .zset for the bank(includes the samples)

So something simmilar would be cool Big Grin
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New update! Check the first post.

Love the updates Big Grin, and also the Electro song. Its perfect!
you may want to check some of my compositions Smile
I'll be sure to do some compositions for SM64 when this tool is done Big Grin
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Don't manage to compile it. Maybe I should try VS?

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Lorem Ipsum.

Ah, this is in c++0x my good man. Make sure you're compiling with the latest c++ standard.

Also please make it a sexy UI that isn't boring business beige if you are. I recommend moving the midi parsing into the sequence class and reorganizing the project (ya know cause I didn't and am lazy) since I intend to update the code with more stuff later on. So in other words forking it on GitHub is a good idea.
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(10-08-2016, 05:40 PM)Christopher Brown Wrote: Ah, this is in c++0x my good man. Make sure you're compiling with the latest c++ standard.

I was able to get it to compile with GCC with a few minor corrections. As you indicated, it requires C++11 (formerly known as C++0x). GCC 4.8.1 and higher supports this standard, which I think might be included with Dev-C++ 5.x. I only tested building with g++ on Linux and with mingw. You can use the attached Makefile (remove .txt extension) to build it with the following updates to main.cpp:

​diff --git a/midi2m64/main.cpp b/midi2m64/main.cpp
index 5ca1bf0..90ef205 100644
--- a/midi2m64/main.cpp
+++ b/midi2m64/main.cpp
@@ -4,8 +4,8 @@
#include <vector>
#include <string>
#include <fstream>
-#include <stdio.h>
-#include <math.h>
+#include <cmath>
+#include <cfloat>
#include <limits>
#include <stdexcept>
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So it's been officially a month since anyone's done anything. I can even see there weren't any commits on GitHub. What happened? Are you just waiting 'till Last Impact is finished to do anything? I really really want this tool.

EDIT: Well I can make .m64s now but I want them high quality rips.
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I thought RobiNERD was doing something with the code, maybe not? If nobody has made a move in a little bit I'll probably do it myself in time for Christmas.

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