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(05-07-2017, 10:01 AM)zouzzz Wrote: I'm french.

I'll be sure to ask you for the best things to say if ever she is angry Wink lol

Anyway the files themselves aren't a problem to provide. I've actually got them on a work laptop (dirty Mac) just don't have the PC to put them together into a Kart as it's at work. Which does open up a production opportunity if anything is urgent to get done/modified/fixed over the next few days I suppose...

So I think this is everything for Samus, but my instinct tells me there's something wrong, or not quite right, with this set. There's also every possibility that I fumbled things during my rush to get it done on my lunchbreak. I don't have the nameplate on this machine however, and actually my name plates aren't quite right as I've not been able to pick the font yet.

Thank you so much for offering to put this together - if you do succeed in getting it going just flick it up on the forum here or somewhere else - I'm not precious about my work and are happy to entertain if nothing else Smile

Samus karts :
I'll make a video.

Edit :

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Sorry for the lateness, there's been some amazing stuff going on here while I've been out!

(05-07-2017, 02:35 AM)awesomefriends56 Wrote:
It's awesome to see the progress made so far! Is there currently an easy way to edit the sounds that are made by each charachter makes? I'm sure I've seen a video of it being done before but I don't remember seeing it talked about. 

Also, I know it's super early in development but is it possible to move the AI's path around? I know there will eventually be course importing if that's possible.

For sounds, I'd recommend SubDrag's SoundTool. I think it should have everything you need to overwrite the audio sounds with custom ones. And for music, I hear that you can use the same tool for SM64 to edit it, though there's historically been some conflict between my program and that one writing to the same memory addresses.

For the AI path, that will eventually be a thing. The AI path has already been identified before, so it's a matter of getting the track editor up and running to that point. Long term development unfortunately.

(05-07-2017, 01:51 AM)MRKane Wrote:
But I've got a question: The character image used during racing - where do we find that and is it linked to the karts themselves because I can't seem to easily spot it. I figure it's something I've overlooked as I've always been rushing and haven't had the time to sit down and have a honest amount of time properly working with the editor.

Yeah, there's a couple of things I've got in the works, including character mini-icons and kart stats. I've written them into a newer version that I haven't released. But you can change the mini icon right now if you want. If you go to the Texture Viewer, type "kart" into the top bar, and it'll filter out anything that doesn't have 'kart' in the texture name. The Mini Portraits (I think I named them) should be there.

(05-07-2017, 09:00 AM)MRKane Wrote:
I'd be inclined to think that I've accidentally exceeded a data limit somewhere or something like that. Unfortunately it won't be until after Monday that I'll be able to do anything about it.

Correct again. If you want to load multiple karts, you'll need to expand the rom. I've got a debug version of it working in the Rom Info tab. Just bring it up, and expand the rom size a bit bigger. It should work after that, though let me know if it doesn't.

Also for your earlier question on overwriting karts, I can probably do that, but something I want to point out is that you gotta be careful about the roms you load in. Pitstop64 should only ever be loading in raw roms. If you load in an edited rom it won't be able to recognize the changes, and there's a lot of room for weird crashes. If you want to have ongoing changes, make sure to save it as a project, which creates a RomProj file that will better handle dynamic loading/saving. I kinda suspect you're already doing that, but I had someone run into this earlier so just putting it out there.

Finally, if you're looking for a place to upload these karts, Origami64 has a download section here. Skelux just added a Karts section for us too, so you can upload it there.
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Thank you for pointing out a place to upload these mods - I've made a point to get Shovel Knight, Waluigi, and Sonic up there, but might have to rely on zouzzz to get Samus up as my copy doesn't seem to work.

I do wonder about the "future" of these additions as I know I'd like to go back and make them into more complete packages as time goes on (sounds, the mini icon, and all that other goodness that comes with continued development) so might have to contact an admin about putting up revisions as we go on.

In the meantime: onward and upwards! I'm still grateful for the tools you've developed!

Gidday everyone,

Two more today (after a much needed break). So I was looking at some of the frames on the ones I've done and noticed that the animations don't seem *quite* right. I might have to sit down and look at the Blend file and see about setting everything correct, although I don't personally notice any issues for the in game karts (at least nothing out of place) but it was predominantly the head positions.

Anyhow. First up, a request: Koopa Trooper:

And a character I felt would be fitting: Skull Kid:

I must apologise to the Cloud request - I did get the model but it turned out to be substantially more complicated than I'd expected (which makes rigging and animation more of a task to do) so will put that one on ice for a bit Wink

Thanks for news characters !
I'll make video.
I want change the voice character with N64 Sound Tool V1.3 but no succes for the moment.
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Awesome work with the editor! it is very fun to mess around with! hopefully level editing is going to happen in the future, importing tracks from Diddy kong racing is a definite Tongue

If you are taking any more request MrKane a Crash Bandicoot Or Banjo Kazooie Kart would be amazing!

Well I've been having a terrible time with Cloud and really might give this a miss as Square Enix models are needlessly complex and convoluted, when they hit Blender they turn into a dogs breakfast and the mesh does all sorts of horrible things. This is about the best I've got and I'm getting close to giving up:

Now as fate would have it I was thinking about Conker and Banjo but have been having issues finding suitable models for them, and crash had crossed my mind but the problem there was getting a model that'd be easy to animate for the character portrait. I'll have a look and see what I can find Smile

I did also refine the animations on the Kart Generator and will continue to do so over the next few models I make. It's the little things now - but I'm the type that they annoy.

(13-07-2017, 05:32 AM)MRKane Wrote: Now as fate would have it I was thinking about Conker and Banjo but have been having issues finding suitable models for them, and crash had crossed my mind but the problem there was getting a model that'd be easy to animate for the character portrait. I'll have a look and see what I can find Smile

Ah yes, i would recommend these 2 models for Crash and Banjo. Do you need models to be pre-rigged?  


​Crash Bandicoot

What program are you using to position the models? Blender? also im guessing you have a 3D Cart model you can change the color to at any point?

​@zouzzz Thanks for news characters !
I'll make video.
I want change the voice character with N64 Sound Tool V1.3 but no success for the moment.

Try clicking Inject in Place then File/Saving the rom. I have been tinkering with replacing sounds but trying to figure out the correct sample rate for the .wav's are driving me crazy haha
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Well! I think we've got a whole alternative roster finished Big Grin All I need now are some friends to play it against...

Bit to unpack today, so I'll start at the start with SoulStorm64s requests: I do a bit of this sort of thing all over the net and have recently been involved with the Goldfinger 64 project and you know what makes my life easier? When someone provides links to the models! As fate would have it I was kind of sitting on a Banjo that I was rigging and hand't finished due to the model being a little convoluted. I grabbed a different version of Crash as the model you linked didn't want to animate nicely into a "kart shape", but all said and done that model website is brilliant innit! Now I just wish there was a good Conker or Jazz Jackrabbit character to make my life easier...


So I've turned this entire kart creation process into a bit of a sausage factory inside Blender 3D. There's a basic character rig that's setup to animate the torso and head (the main thing you'll see during racing) and a minimal position set for the arms. Naturally I'm making it sound easier than it is, as you'll have to rig and assign the model to the armature, and change the positions of bones to match geometry etc. but the low resolution covers a multitude of sins when it comes to doing this. The lighting is all setup to be visually consistent with Mario Kart (as best I could), and then you hit "animate" and it spits out a whole animation set for a Kart Smile
Every kart I've made has been done using the same basic kart model that I pulled out of the 3DS game (I found it was closest to the one in Mario Kart 64) and yes - the colour change is a simple selection inside the frames material settings. I've been very wary to keep the same kart in order to minimise the amount of work we'll have to do when the tyre palettes are finally figured out. In the meantime: grab the blend file, have a go yourself, and do something amazing!

BlendFile (this one with Banjo and a refined animation set):

The character animations (for the select screen) however, were all positioned and animated by hand using the same lighting setup, but giving my currently-unused 3D animation degree a bit of work if you will. That's the more time consumptive part as faces have to move, eyes have to blink blah blah blah - but at the end of the day we can get away with just a still frame and it won't change how the game plays.

zouzzz and mib_f8sm9c: SubDrags sound tool is getting a little long in the tooth at this stage, and odds down he would know something that would relate to this project. I'm a local at a few of the forums he frequents and could send him a PM for a bit of assistance if you felt that it would be beneficial towards improving your toolset.

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