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Nope! That's still a bit off from here. However, I'm familiar enough with F3D microcode that it won't be hard for simple stuff like moving vertices and changing textures. Here's the list of things to do for track stuff:

-Figure out how to swap levels without it crashing (long term investigation)
-Fix up XML saving/loading of level data
-Create the export/import format, and make the importing function in Pitstop64 work
-Set up the track shack program, start off with just a level viewer
-Fix the F3DEXReader bugs
-Heavy planning period to figure out what needs to be supported for a good level editor

And I'll go at it from there. Fortunately all these tasks seem pretty interesting to me, so I think I'll have good motivation tackling it.

Have you seen the documentation that Rena posted about moving level vertices? She had created a custom level by moving around the Rainbow Road geometry.

I should've replied earlier Drew, but yeah, I have Rena's documentation in my bookmarks. I also use Shygoo's level viewer as reference too.

As far as the previous goals go here, I'm already up to the fixing F3DEXReader bit. Finally back up to where I was before I updated how images are handled in the program, and I'm ready to fix up all the visual glitches I'm getting in the rendering of the levels.

[Image: C3msD49UEAIkqJU.jpg]

[Image: yDRGMZU.png]
Koopa Troopa beach after the oil spill


Just a quick update on this, since it's been a month without word. Real life got heavy recently, but it should clear up a lot after this week. Development will resume next week.

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