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Great news Smile.

Glad to hear you're back at it!

Hey the new feature for editing the thumbnails of the charterers and the added textures are really good. Thanks again for the program the UI is so Intuitive. I made another hack with this program with the new features.

(30-06-2016, 02:27 AM)Drew Weatherton Wrote: Cool


Give the .ppf !!!!!! Wink

Ugh I tried this 5 times. Why it do this? Help.
[Image: 4b71f89546.jpg]

Sorry mate, I've seen that sort of issue before, it's the last bug I have with the kart importing procedure. Not sure what causes the images to get cut up like that, but it really bothers me. You can see if it you make 8 DKs as the players. I'll get to it someday, but as for right now I've already spent 8x too much time on this single aspect.

Anyways, quick timeline; I'm in the last 2 weeks for a musical, so my time is mostly devoted to that until next Friday. Once that finally hits, I can start dedicating more time to this again. However, I'll try to push as far as I can during this period so I can finally, FINALLY, get to work on the level editor. Blegh.

My goal is to finish up the first version of Chomp Shop (external kart editor program) by next weekend, or if I fail that the following weekend. There's quite a few things left to fix (animated kart images, mini-character portraits, sound effects), but I really want to move on to the level editor. We'll throw out a 0.0.4 version here and then switch gears to level editing.

Thanks for being patient with me.

(03-10-2016, 06:30 PM)zouzzz Wrote: Shock

Give the .ppf !!!!!!  Wink

I'd like to improve it a bit before doing that but I definitely plan to distribute it Smile I just was pretty busy finishing up the Tool Assisted Speedrun for Mario Kart 64. Check it out:

(04-10-2016, 01:25 AM)HELPMEPLEASE Wrote: Ugh I tried this 5 times. Why it do this? Help.
[Image: 4b71f89546.jpg]

I found a temporary way to fix the character sprites from looking all messed up. Whenever a charter is hit with a shell it makes them fly in the air for a short time and it fixes the sprites for the rest of the grand prix. In the video I posted there is an example of this at the 47 second mark. So what  did is for the first race of the grand prix I made sure to hit every character to fix their sprite so they would be good for the rest of the grand prix for footage.

Holy cow! Thanks for finding that, that helps me a ton in trying to figure out what's going on. So it might be the way the kart info is cached?? I can finally test against it!

On a side note, I'm very close to finishing Pitstop 0.0.4, it'll be out within the next day or two. I just finished writing up the last of the new features, it just needs some testing and a quick video tutorial on making a new kart, and it should be good to go! I'm so ready to move on to Course editing.

(07-07-2016, 01:48 PM)queueRAM Wrote:
(06-07-2016, 06:56 PM)Luke Wrote:
Hey I was planning on making Yoshi Kart 64 where all characters are Yoshi with the different Yoshi colors. I was planning on using the same Yoshi images and just change the colors the only problem is with this tool it seems like you can only export 1 picture at a time and there are around 300 pictures for Yoshi is there any way to export all the images for a character at once?

You can use the mk64karts tool to extract all the kart textures or I have an archive linked in the Mario Kart 64 Textures thread that contains these kart textures. Note that the wheel palette isn't correct in all of them.

The sprites in the Mario Kart 64 Textures thread that you posted are not all the same sprites used in pitstop there are 190 sprites in the folder for each charter and in pitstop there are 321 sprites used for each charterer. Is there any way to export all the sprites of a charcter at once or are all the sprites posted online somewhere? Thanks for all the help i'm really close to being done this Yoshi Kart 64 hack I just need to get all the sprites of yoshi.

[Image: VbZpkCo.png]

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