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I voted for Text Editing, since I imagine that would be the simplest to implement, and with the most clear effect on the game.

If the project starts small, it'll be more manageable. Each update will appear to offer more, thus maintaining interest.

(06-07-2016, 06:56 PM)Luke Wrote: Hey I was planning on making Yoshi Kart 64 where all characters are Yoshi with the different Yoshi colors. I was planning on using the same Yoshi images and just change the colors the only problem is with this tool it seems like you can only export 1 picture at a time and there are around 300 pictures for Yoshi is there any way to export all the images for a character at once?

You can use the mk64karts tool to extract all the kart textures or I have an archive linked in the Mario Kart 64 Textures thread that contains these kart textures. Note that the wheel palette isn't correct in all of them.

Well, the dev schedule is looking like this right now I guess:

Release: July 11th - July 15th
-Course Viewer (already written, just porting & cleaning)
-Portraits/nameplates for characters
-Text editing? (If I have the time for it)
-Resizing imported images to correct size? (If I have the time for it)

Release: July 18th - July 22nd
-Wheel palettes/animations for characters
-Better importing/exporting of character information
-Text editing
-Resizing imported images to correct size
-Kart stats? (If I have the time for it)

Release: July 31st
-Kart stats (though maybe not completely documented what each value is)
-More bug testing/user friendliness
-Small help guide
-Actual icons!

Early August: Vacation

With luck I can actually adhere to this schedule, it doesn't seem too ambitious to me.

@Luke, sorry mate but the tool won't be updated to suit your Yoshi mod for another 2 weeks. If you clean up the wheel textures from QueueRAM's method it'll look pretty nice, but I won't have support for the wheel palettes/animations until that 0.4 release.
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Good-looking dev schedule. Seems very manageable. Looking forward to it all coming together!

That schedule makes me Chirpy

For me it makes me Confused If I keep up with the workload it's fine, but I have to put in 2-4 hours today to make the deadline Friday. Still, if I don't have it, then I guaranteedly won't get anything done.

Quick tease, the viewer is done but needs some serious bugchecking:
[Image: CnQBisUUEAEf5nl.jpg]

EDIT: Is the image not working? Here's the link.
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The embedded image works for me!

Question, are you seeing anything in the course data that defines checkpoints or the finish line? We've learned recently that there are key checkpoints in the level that can be abused in a variety of ways. If we could actually see these (and the finish line) we could possibly find new shortcuts.

Popping in to confirm that yes, once more, release date will be delayed. This time it should only be a couple of days (I'm pretty close already to the goal, I just hit a lot of irl problems this week). I really need to learn how to estimate my deadlines better : / We'll see if I can hit V0.0.0.4 by next Friday, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

@Drew I haven't looked into the data inside the courses for months. Basically everything I have has been built off of the digging that Shygoo did a year ago. If you look back here you can see that he's rendering some path data for Rainbow Road. Is this what you're asking for? It's used to align the CPUs to the road, but I assume it's also used to track your progress through the race, and most likely the first point is set at the finish line? I'm just spitballing here, but that's what I think.

No problem with delays, still impressive progress regardless!

The checkpoints are separate from the the path data. The path is used for CPUs as well as blue and red shells. There are also checkpoints that appear to be defined by invisible polygons because you have to go to the edge of the road in spots to trigger them. Here's a simple example. By going backwards and to the side of the course (either side works) you can trigger a checkpoint that then allows you to trick lakitu into giving you lapskips. Beck found this by accident through trial and error, but if we could see these checkpoints and understand how they work better, we may find other such shortcuts.

I'm wondering if the checkpoints are similar to what are used in Micro Machines. You can read about those here:

No problem with the delayed release! You already gave a fairly flexible schedule, and for the project first starting out it's expected to take a bit more attention than later maintenance updates.

Keep your pace, and we'll all be racing soon!

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