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MK64 texture archive v4 posted. I am fairly certain this is all of them. Change log:
  • Thwomp face textures
  • Red shell textures (no separate palette, just swaps green and red channels of green shell palette)
  • CRASH, WHIRRRR, POOMP! palettes
[Image: FYuwdku.png]
[Image: lFm4yN6.png][Image: 8bt8yG9.png]

69F158, 69F390, 69F5E4, 69F9C0: CRASH WHRRRRR POOMP!
CI8 palette in ROM offset 0E5ED0

Pop quiz! For what purpose does MK64 make use of the three following textures? (Hint: Koopa Troopa Beach)
[Image: iN0CsvL.png]

Spoiler: Answer
Seagulls! You know those 10 white pixels and 1 black pixel that fly overhead? They dedicated three 32x32 RGBA16 textures to it. I could only make them out using an emulator with free movement of the camera.
[Image: h6dxm3R.png]
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Alright, I finally get to post in here and say that I've taken all the legwork that queueRAM has done in finding these textures and brought it over into the Pitstop 64 program. The result is that now you can view all these textures and, eventually, edit them! This is also important for the course editor, since it will simplify the behind-the-scenes work of managing textures.

[Image: Czq9qhhVQAEb3zm.jpg]

Thanks again to queueRAM, you've been invaluable during my time delving into the MK64 ROM.

Note: the 1229 count does NOT match queueRAM's 1238, but I assure you it's complete. 8 of them are from not including the red shell images since it just palette-shifts the color, and the final 1 is from the blank neon sign that I've decided not to include since I'm not sure what to do with it.

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